“He’s already had two abuses, two eye accidents!”

On January 21, Saint-Paul gendarmes intervened in the woman’s house after her daughter’s call. A young girl reports that her mother was abused by her stepfather. Soldiers quickly intervene, but the victim refuses to talk. Even worse, he doesn’t want to complain despite having a big bruise on his eye and a broken finger. Thanks to pedagogy and the consent of the prosecutor’s office and the gendarmes, he finally listens to reason. First, he goes to the SOS doctor, who gives him a 30-day ITT. It will be reduced to 21 days by the Institute of Forensic Expertise. However, the violence is serious, the husband is taken into police custody.

Daniel P., 58, is the victim’s husband, and they have two children together. After a complicated family situation, they stay together for the sake of the children. In the morning of January 21, the parent was sleeping alone in the bedroom when his wife saw the door closed. He enters through the window, an argument begins. The birds’ names blend together, and tiredly, she grabs the pillow she’d stuck to her face while still in bed. He then punches her in the eye, causing her to fall to the ground screaming in pain. Small and fragile, he could not resist and even less defend himself. This is the victim’s version with a 21-day ITT. She told investigators that he had been humiliating her for a long time, psychologically and physically abusing her.

“We are no longer connected, we are here for the children”

Behind the wheel, the defendant doesn’t have the same version of the story. He has been haunted by his daughter-in-law who does not love him for years. He does not say anything because he wants to protect his couple and two children. According to him, that morning, his wife hit him with this pillow, which she held with both hands, to push him: “When he entered the room, he was very angry. He put the pillow on my face and I took it with both hands to defend myself and pushed him away with a gesture. He falls on his side and says “ouch”. His daughter is evil! This has been going on for 5 years and I have never said anything. We don’t have a relationship anymore, we are together for the kids, but I would never allow myself to hit the mother of my kids“, defends the defendant at the bar.

“He just said that? And how do you explain the bruised eye and the broken finger, sir?”“, reproaches the president. The defendant then continues his almost verbatim explanation for the court with nuance of measure: “When I push, my fist might hit him in the eye. It’s just intentional‘. The downside is that there is a procedure for violence committed in 2020. He has already been taken into police custody with the obligation to take an awareness course because his wife has a hematoma in her eye. He didn’t do the internship due to Covid and didn’t want to complain this time.

“He has already had two violences, two eye accidents!

It is a small, quivering victim, a cast in hand and a “black fat” eye moving towards the bar. “I don’t know what to say. I didn’t fall – editor’s note implying that he pushed – and complaining about me for 5 years is his outlet. I know you hate me“, he states with dignity. The Civic Party drives home the point: “The facts are very disturbing. He has already had two assaults, two eye accidents! No accidents, punches. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He does not want to complain, press charges. If he threatens her, if he does, when he fashions it. He is horrified by this context of daily humiliation.

“When she discovered her injured mother, it was her daughter who called the gendarmerie“, punishes the prosecution.”Injuries are consistent with punching. According to him, there is no explanation for the presence of a hematoma on the face, according to him, there is nothing, it moves, there is nothing to see. There is no indication of the beginning of the survey. You have to protect him“, the prosecution concludes strongly, asking for an 18-month prison sentence with 6 months probation and a bond for the closing portion, despite the defendant being cited for non-payment of alimony.

Nothing goes wrong with this couple who stayed together for the sake of the kids“, the defense responds.”There is no evidence from the prosecution regarding the facts of 2020. Now it’s a little easier to talk about. He never changed the version, which is not the case with Madame. “He put his fist on the pillow,” he explained in his first version, which is very similar to Mr. Pavel’s. Threats are not contained in prevention. He has never been convicted of violence, please release him. If not, I’m asking you to give a fairer sentence without a felony warrant“, pleads the black dress.

Sir, the court finds you guilty of violence

Sir, the court finds you guilty of violence“, the president explains, prompting the defendant to nod.In the case of repression, you are sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment with enhanced probation. The court also announces a ban on contact and visiting the victim’s home, maintenance, work, educational course and compensation to the civil party. In addition, the court orders a medical examination for the victim and awards him EUR 2,000 compensation for his injuries.“.

“Do you understand, sir? You go free, but you are to have no contact with your wife under any circumstances. If you do not respect that and she calls the gendarmes, you will go straight to Domenjo.“.”But how can I get my stuff back, I don’t have anything here.” the defendant calls out to the president, who answers firmly: “This is not the court’s problem. You are guilty of violence, you rule as you like, but you do not have contact with the victim, otherwise it is prison.“.

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