The project was presented to the Cabinet of Ministers before the parliamentary debate as a run-off

Parliamentary debate on the run. This is the goal that Emmanuel Macron will reaffirm in the Council of Ministers this Monday to adopt the pension reform at the end of March, with the project coming into force in the summer. If Parliament does not decide within 50 days, from the end of next week, by midnight on March 26, the reform provisions could be implemented by decree, which would be unprecedented.

The head of state felt that he had already demonstrated at his press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Paris on Sunday. opening compared to his campaign program which originally called for 65 years. He refused to say publicly that he would keep the 64 to the end, so no substitute to the parliamentary debate.

I hope that together with parliamentarians, the government can “adjust” the text. he assured. Before becoming more agile: ” needs” “is known” and “I believe that there, now, we should be able to move forward “.

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Text enrichment just outside »

His ministers took turns to ensure they were ready” dialogue “to” enrichedr” text, but outside. For the first time, they opened the door to tougher measures on seniors’ employment at the weekend. The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, thus, “rConsider mandatory measures without taboos for companies that don’t play the game “.

On the other hand, he was less agreeable to another issue, which was so tense in the ranks of the Les Republicains party, but which was the only declared ally of the executive in the National Assembly: that people who started working at the age of 20 should contribute 44 years instead of 43 like others to get a full pension. ” enrichments Yes, but if they upset the financial balance of the promised system by 2030, he warned. Opponents of the reform are tirelessly calling for its unequivocal withdrawal.” age dimensions “.

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the heart of the battle “is” on the street »

For his part, the deputy Francois Ruffin assured that Sunday La France insoumise will bring to the Assembly “ strong opposition “. But he promised that the leftists would not “sink into parliamentary cretinism” with blind obstacles and ” the heart of the battle would be on the street. ” We hope to be even stronger on the 31st “, CGT general secretary Philippe Martinez warned, ” until then, there will be initiatives in companies and departments every day “. Emmanuel Macron, while defending the right to strike and demonstrate, also called for it on Sunday “ least possible inconvenience to all our countrymen “. National Rally President Jordan Bardella said he expects ” difficult and uncertain times “, suggest” referendum ” whom ” top exit “.

The form chosen for the examination of the draft law is discussed

As for the leader of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, he once again regretted the form chosen by the executive branch to examine the bill: an amendment budget for Social Security, which allowed to limit the debate in time and use the weapon of leisure. 49.3. ” You can’t avoid this text about pensions in this social environment “, he argued on France 5. This is the first argument of the opponents: does the government have the right to amend the budget to use the same procedure as the original 2023 budget?

LFI deputies scolded the State Council” violation of parliamentary rights “, environmentalists make a sign” new landing passed. André Chassaigne curries, head of PCF deputies a crude maneuver worthy of the enemies of democracy “.

An amendment budget is used to make changes to the current year’s revenue and expenditure forecasts, implement fundamental reform “, also lamented Mathilde Panot, leader of the LFI group. Measures to increase the legal retirement age or the duration of contributions ” fall into ” PLFSSR is good because they influence the accounts of the Sécu, answer the government.

According to Le Canard Enchaine, the president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, warned that he would be particularly careful about creating an “index” to measure the employment of the elderly: ” anything outside the financial sphere can be considered budget waste and censored. Constitutionalists are divided on this PLFSSR, some ” abuse of procedure », others are legal instruments, but « uncertain “. Benjamin Morel, professor of public law at Le Monde forum ” democratic risk “: this tool becomes “is the norm of future social reforms “. Another complaint of the left: the obstacles to the freedom of parliamentarians “, especially because of the tight schedule.

The executive can also invoke Article 49.3 of the Constitution at any time before the deadline if the votes on the amendments are not in its favor. Or if he thinks he doesn’t have a majority on all reform because of defection from the Macronists or LR. According to information from RTL, Elisabeth Borne should meet tomorrow Tuesday to mobilize LR MPs.

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