Chinese New Year: History and Meaning of the Zodiac Animal Symbol

Chinese New Year will take place on January 22, 2023. Today is the first day of the Chinese calendar. Each Lunar New Year, the zodiac sign determines the actions of the new year. For centuries, even millennia, these symbols have always given principles to be respected so that the whole year will be beautiful.

In French, Shengxiao, or Chinese astrology, is a twelve-year cycle. And each year is represented by an animal and an element. Indeed, Chinese astrology differs from that of European countries. They strongly believe in it because it is traditionally rooted in their culture. Zodiac animals are different and interpretations are different. Each year a zodiac animal symbolizes the year. In Europe, each month corresponds to a zodiac sign. It’s a Chinese thing legendary, traditional and very cultured. Here’s why.

What is the history of Chinese New Year zodiac symbols?

There are many stories symbolizing these zodiac animals. We will start with the first shorter and the second longer.

The first date of the zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar

The first says that in the 6th century BC or before 0, The Jade Emperor invited all the animals on earth to his kingdom to celebrate the new year. Only twelve of all the animals on earth responded to the invitation.

The second story of zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar

The second one says that the god Jade, according to some sources, “the most powerful deity of the Taoist religion” was requested by all the animals who wanted their symbol to be the first in the New Year calendar. It is a race between them to make the right decision. The names of the first arrivals to the Jade Emperor’s palace will be listed first in the New Year calendar. However, the emperor noted that only 12 seats. Thus, 12 people who manage to cross the threshold of the palace will be the ones to write their names in the New Year calendar. All the animals are going to take part in this race. cat he tells the mouse, who likes to spend his days sleeping, to wake him up so they can participate together. rat smart and wants to be first, doesn’t wake the cat. He left very early and started the race the back of a buffalo those who did not participate in the competition. He agreed to accompany his friend with the rat. Seer beef about to cross the arrival threshold, rat leaning on the buffalo’s back, he threw himself at the feet of Emperor Jade, demonstrating that he was the first to enter the palace and therefore deserved his name first in the calendar. The ox was second and the tiger was third. rabbit fourth comes smarter Dragon who reached the finish line in fifth position. snake very nimble faster came sixth horse took the seventh place. Eighth place was stolen by a monkey goat and monkey was ninth. The rooster used his wings to land in tenth position. A place that wants to be occupied dog finally he became the eleventh. It takes the twelfth place pig. According to this legend, 12 places in the New Year’s calendar are occupied.

What is the animal symbol in the Chinese New Year calendar?

According to legend, 12 animals symbolize the Chinese New Year calendar. And according to the second legend, it is these 12 that we will describe below in order of arrival.

1. Rat

As mentioned in the title, the rat symbolizes the year big decisions, year of great skill. Where there wit, kindness and exploration will prevail.

2. Beef

It symbolizes the year of the ox peace of mind, reliability, quiet force and determination. Prosperity is in store this year. And there is no room for discouragement.

3. Tiger

Disappointment may mark this year, however, resistance, tenacity, desire and strength to overcome will overcome. It is a year of courage, confidence and competition.

4. Rabbit

It symbolizes the year of the rabbit peace, temporary calm, politeness, silence. Also tenderness, kindness. Every citizen has a great responsibility to maintain the spirit of peace during this year.

5. Dragon

It aims for the year of the dragon perfectiontrust, passionbig projects, Good luck, nobility. The Year of the Dragon also celebrates the year of talent, rhythm and the supernatural.

6. Snake

year off, great missions. But prudence in stocks. Roughly speakingcelebrates this year visibilityintelligence, actions.

7. Horse

Like the horse, the horse also symbolizes the year energy, events. During this year, citizens should redouble their efforts because prosperity it won’t be quite there.

8. Goat

The year of the goat symbolizes creativity, Justice, friendship, goodness, stability, quiet, sweetness, subtlety, persistence, power, power excel and amaze everyone.

9. Monkey

The Year of the Monkey symbolizes the year interest, events, smart, work and above all a lot of work.

10. Rooster

It truly symbolizes the year of the Rooster work, Good luck, franchise, prosperitywork hard to achieve goals, courage and observation.

11. Dog

The Year of the Dog marks the final year be careful many in stocks and business loyalty, friendship, reliability, authenticityrelationship, but above all, franchise, honesty.

12. Pig

It symbolizes the year of the pig prosperitygenerosity, hard work, prudence, but also losses. Citizens should be careful and work hard during this year.

What is the Chinese New Year 2023 animal?

Chinese New Year begins its small year on January 15, 2023, and New Year’s Eve on January 21, 2023. Therefore, the new year will be January 22, 2023. This is the new year 2023 marked with an animal. about Rabbit. The Year of the Rabbit will not cause major changes on a national or international scale. Nor does it mean that the status quo will prevail. However, this animal symbolizes peace and temporary stability after conflicts. This year will be marked by restoration, prosperity and life building at the national and international level.

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