Boop, the cutest game and cat in the galaxy

Boop, an ultra-cute duo board game based on the principle of kittens bouncing on the bed. Great!


The bed is a favorite place of cats, it is an established and well-known fact. Not practical when you have two cats. Because yes, it’s true, cats love to sleep in bed because they are looking for a warm and soft surface to rest and feel safe. Beds provide a temperature and comfort that prevents them from feeling open or sensitive. Beds also provide a place for the cat to lie down and rest, which helps them feel comfortable and safe. But they occupy all the places. Much to the chagrin of my husband, who has some allergies.

But you are not here to read my life, but to learn Boop, a cat-to-bed game. Because that’s what it’s all about. Boop, a two-player-only board game about kittens jumping on beds. Boop is possibly the cutest game this corner of the galaxy!

At the beginning of the game, each player will have 8 kittens. We, in turn, will put one cat on a bed divided into 36 squares, trying to get a line of three cats. However, cats are not very social, and the appearance of a kitten in the square will cause the surrounding cats to move away.

Moving cats will not cause a chain reaction and a cat cannot move to an occupied square. On the other hand, if the kittens leave the tray, they fall off the bed and return to the hands of the person who put them down.

When a person manages to match three kittens of their own color, they will remove them from the board and turn them into three replacement cats in their hand. Cats can be used as cats, except that the appearance of a cat in an adjacent space will not scare the cat. Layout of cats and cats only functions as a layout of cats.

To win Boop, you only need to line up 3 cats or put 8 cats on the board. A new game can start.


In Boop, we see that real effort has been put into the hardware. A box is built under the game board (with matching designs to make the bed edges) and a woolen blanket on top to make the bed. This fleece is perhaps the only slightly negative aspect of the game, as the cats sometimes slip at the seams when misplaced. But that’s really a minor point.

Cats and kittens are painted wood, gray and red (normal colors for cats), easily identified. Kittens are small and playful, and cats stand tall and pose just like their living counterparts (well, except for their daily crazy quarter. Because cats are true nocturnal creatures. During these fifteen minutes, they are very active and can run, jump and play with their toys, a – to follow someone, etc.

The aesthetic choice of the favorite is obvious and the result is successful. Looking at the parts and descriptions, we will immediately like the game without even playing it. This aesthetic does not compromise the readability of the rules, which are simple and clear. But this simplicity of the rules and this “sweetness” hides a complex and intelligent strategy game!


Over time, we can say that chess has established itself as a fairly… good and efficient game. A game that is both smart and simple, interesting and accessible, iconic and adaptable. But I have to be honest. There are no cute cats in chess. On the one hand, Boop can be compared with ladies. Both are games that hide very high complexity under easy-to-understand rules. As with checkers, the goal will be to force the other player to make moves that will lead to victory, or to block them without a choice where all choices are defeated.

For this, players will have to plan their actions by trying to predict each other’s actions. You need to know how to sacrifice coins with short-term losses that can lead to long-term gains. But the whole strategy can be destroyed by an unexpected move of the opponent or a mistake or an unexpected move, as the game progresses, the board becomes more difficult to read, and the number of cats increases from round to round.

Boop, verdict

Boop is published by the same publisher SHOBU an abstract strategy game, also for two, released in 2019. We find here Boop little resemblance. Rules, moves, simple tricks for a complex, deep, intense game. But this time with more cats.

As for SHOBU and the most successful abstract strategy games, rules Boop serving as a starting point for players’ decisions and strategies. The towers follow each other and the cats twirl between the sheets. We celebrate when we succeed sticks cats on your opponent’s wheels. Or he cries when his carefully laid plans fail.

Boop reminiscent of the game of cross and cross, checkers and many other things. Just as cute material, this clever way to create a 3D bed using the back of a toy box with meeples (meow-ples?) cats and kittens, complete with a mini fabric blanket, is less difficult than adorable.

Boop is a game that will make you want to play again. The games are short (20 minutes) but intense, and the enjoyment of playing even when you lose is real. One of the best games in recent months (years?) in my opinion. I mustn’t be the only one who thinks so, because it’s sold out everywhere!

Beneath these simple and lovely exteriors, Boop is a strategy and puzzle game that will captivate all audiences. Its simple to explain and understand rules will allow you to play with a large audience, even if it means changing the rules a bit for the little ones.

A game that looks simple but will make you think with aesthetics to chew on. A big yes! With that, I go back to cuddling my cats.


Rating: 5/5.

  • creation : Scott Brady
  • a work of art : Hidden
  • Editing : Laughter and Dagger
  • Number of players : only 2
  • Recommended age : from 10 years old (good estimate)
  • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Subject : Cats
  • Basic mechanics : Placement. Here to learn more about the different game mechanics.

And one more thing

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