A hospital for seagulls, an educational walk for dogs, the 2nd parade at the prom… Five great decisions for the benefit of animals

Dogs, cats, religious and all groups with two, four legs and more, with fins… are not forgotten at the beginning of the year. Their chosen referent, Henry-Jean Servat, reproduces as much as possible the good decisions of the animal world, gentle as a lamb. Although the municipal council engaged in the protection of animals does not hesitate, sometimes they come out of a kind and gentle nest, cursing the human race…

1. Hospital for seagulls

A dispensary of sorts where all the injured seagulls will be looked after, pampered, treated and then released. Henry-Jean Servat sleeping. It should be done in the coming weeks. Where? “It will have to be set up in the Phoenix Park, where we have two rooms, with the approval of the Mayor. We will install independent aviaries, but we need someone to look after them, because seagulls are individuals of birds. “We can apply it to pigeons, but not in the same rooms.”

2. They’ll Walk to the Ball’

The second victory march of animals will take place on March 26. As always by the sea. Open to everyone as always. “Last year, this procession came at the end of the carnival. This time, we planned to celebrate the spring that started on March 21.” So on the 26th, gather at Rauba Capeù at 10:00 a.m., leave at 10:45 a.m. for the procession that brings together dogs, cats, municipal police horses, donkeys, mules, llamas … All animals welcome provided that. be nice and don’t be aggressive. Last year, “500 dogs answered the call. I think we will have a thousand dogs by 2023”. All these little people will walk along the seafront, on the sidewalk, and walk all the way to Negresco. There, for decades, the owner of the palace worked for all the animals. “This march will pay tribute to him. We will also be partnering with Mylène Demongeotu, a friend of animals and the recently deceased, Muriel Marland-Militello, MP who introduced the first anti-bullfighting amendments to the National Assembly, and of course Brigitte Bardot, giving the animal the fight of its life.” After the walk, drinks will be offered at Negresco Beach.

3. One hundred and twenty hands to feed free cats

Tomorrow, at 3:30 p.m., in the chamber of the municipal council, Henry-Jean Servat offers a galette des rois to actors protecting Nice’s animals, including those who feed 60 free cats in the city. These volunteers have a card that allows them to legally operate in the field to provide kibble and mash to stray, homeless cats. “If other residents come and get lice on their heads”. To obtain this food visa, which can be renewed annually, you must ask for it at the animal welfare office at 5 rue Gabriel-Fauré, where the food packages are also distributed. “You can only get a card if you belong to a cat protection association.”

4. If you live alone with an animal

Your only companion or companion is a dog, a cat, a goldfish… There is no one else in your home. what if you buy “home alone animal card”? This national card provided by the Nice Animal Protection Service allows you not to leave the protected person in the event of an accident, hospitalization… This card shows contact information. emergency services, social services… if you can’t care for your pet. “It’s been in place for two years and it reassures a lot of people, especially the elderly who are separated from their families or who no longer have a family.”

5. Walking for the education of dogs

New this year: Sunday walks with advice from a dog behaviorist. These tours depart from the town hall, rue de L’Hôtel-de-Ville, on Sunday mornings from 11:00am. “We come with our dog and break off into groups of 8 or 10, using basic concepts for sociable and collective living in complete comfort among those of all stripes during the walk.” Price: 15 euros. Statement by the Mayor’s Deputy for Animal Protection: “The municipality controls this activity, but does not receive a penny.” Only for registration.

Other dreams, projects… Your ideas!

Nice people with ideas to improve the animal population are invited to come and propose them to the town hall, Henri-Jean Servat. The Chosen One hosts animal welfare experts every Thursday afternoon. People who want to make an offer or simply show their animal can make an appointment at the town hall where it is located. “I’m ready to accept everyone”.

There is talk of installing shelters for free-living cats in Nice. Or exactly? We don’t know yet. “The city will buy or build them, and then municipal employees or associations will take care of them.”

Satisfaction: “I forced the city to systematically complain about any violation of animal welfare.”

About some experiences: “I campaign openly against bullfighting, hunting and live fishing. I don’t see how an elected official who is outraged by the suffering of animals can be blamed for this commitment. I would like Nice to declare itself an anti-bullfighting city. A city that wants. Being an example to animals is a bull. he is against fighting and hunting.”

Help financially: “I’m sure there will be a global subsidy of 18,750 euros to be voted by the municipal council, including 4,000 euros for animal protection associations, 4,000 euros for Cheval Libre 06, which welcomes ill-treated horses or retirement. especially those in need.”

A group of dog owners are routinely summoned by the municipal police for walking their dogs on a leash early in the morning at the top of Castle Hill. They ask for permission to forget the noose tied around the necks of the “four legs” from 7 to 9 in the morning when Louis XIV raked his castle in the 17th century. Henry-Jean Servat gives them a reason, but the hierarchy forces them to present the confirmation of the request to whomever may be interested…

Free-range, legal-fed cats will soon benefit from the cabins to sleep or land in total safety. (ED Photo Archive).

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