VIDEO-PHOTOS. Premanonda O’Xyrace Trail blanc: Jura and meeting for victory

Jura Cédric Mermet won this 2023 edition of O’Xyrace (© Voice of Jura/Monique Henriet)

Saturday, January 21, 2023all conditions have been created for its organizationO’Xyrace 2023 : snow, cold (about – 10°) and bonus breeze for walks from the center of the village. Premanonto the rhythm of the batucada.

After the children’s events, adults go on snowshoes or trails (16 or 11 km) consecutively from 17:30 to 18:30 with the participation of a large audience, accompanied by ski instructors; All wielding glow sticks for an awesome party vibe.

Above 16 km roadvictory – at last – returned to Haut-Jurassien Cedric Mermet subscribed until then, in 2nd place, 1h14’55:

I felt my chaser crack with 3km to go; I tried my luck and continued my pace as he didn’t come back. In terms of conditions, there was almost more turbulence than last year, but the conditions were the same as last year, plus the wind. On the way back we caught him in front, but I did well. I am very happy to win.

Cedric Mermet16km winner at O’Xyrace 2023.

She won the ladies Victoria Derougefrom Meeting, who arrived in the region on Monday morning with 4 people for a two-week vacation. He won big in 1h30’46 ahead of Jurassienne Stephanie Curty, Accustomed to the event, last year 6.

It was a first in the cold and snow. I had a good scare as I was suddenly very cautious, but it went well. 16 km is a short format compared to what is done in Reunion, but it suits me very well. On the other hand, in terms of the conditions, my heart was in the ceiling with the cold. I used to not do much exercise apart from a bit of skiing.

Victoria DerougeFirst Lady of O’Xyrace 2023 16km.

The full report can be found in our January 29, 2023 paper issue.

Principal results

16 km:

1. Cedric Mermet 1 hour 14’55; 2. Lucas Rouget 1h 16’31; 3. Yann Grospelier 1h16’40; 4. Antoine Sy 1h18’01; 5. Renaud Lebrun 1:20’29; 6. Justin Dourlens 1:20’47; 7. Matthieu Laffitte 1h 20’51; 8. Nicolas Boivin 1 hour 21’33; 9. Vincent Rufenacht 1h21’58; 10. Pierre-Henri Vernet 1h22’27; 26. and 1st lady Victoria Devouge 1 hour 30’46; 49. and 2nd Ms. Stephanie Curty 1:39’25; 61. and 3rd Coralie Guenot 1h44’01 ; 82. and 4th Mrs. Tiffany Franck 1h51’51; 91. and 5th lady Julie Augustin 1h52’23; 92. and 6th Mrs. Jessie Couve de Murville 1h53’01; 93. and 7th Mrs. Marie Lenoir 1h53’09; 96. and 8th Mrs. Estelle Aguilar 1h53’34; 121. and 9th lady Céline Clément 2h01’01; 124. and 10th Mrs. Carole Loyer 2h01’28….

11 km:

1. Hugo Lonne 51’11; 2. Jonas Forot 52’38; 3. Arno Lucas 52’51; 4. Theo Katgeli 53’57; 5. Guillaume Jamet 54’32; 6. Jerome Tisserand 54’55; 7. Pierre Roy 56’19; 8. Justin Bourgeois 57’05; 9. Yann Duriez 57’17; 10. Vincent Halluin 58’11… 37. and 1st Mrs. Julie Garnier 1h06’46; 39. and 2nd Mrs. Anne Breniaux 1h07’05; 50. and 3rd lady Eve-Marie Dal Gobbo 1h10’03 ; 56. and 4th Mrs. Laura Jaubert 1h12’12; 58. and 5th Mrs. Anne-Françoise Denier 1h11’29; 66. and 6th Mrs. Christelle Henry 1h13’23; 74. and 7th lady Agathe Montagnier 1h15’24; 76. and 8th Mrs. Garance Rigaud 1h15’40; 77. and 9th Mrs. Juliette Berrez 1h16’01; 88. and 10th Sandrine Falconnet 1h18’33…

Videos: currently on Actu

Solo Snowshoe Race:

1. and 1st lady Djamila Bengueche 1h14’43; 2. Vincent Quittet 1h15’41; 3. Renaud Ah-Thiane 1h51’48.

Relay rocket race:

1. Laurence Simonoff/Alexandre Simonoff 1h 34’37; 2. Maryline Lavigne/Anthony Bare 1h39’07.

Children (12-15 years old):

1. Nino Binet 12’23; 2. Mika Selukov 12’42; 3. Lenny Duvoy 13’20; 4. Romain Gachet 13’30; 5. Malone Gras 13’31 … 12. and 1st woman Lou-Anne Nestler 15’07; 13. and 2nd female Eve Achard 15’20; 14. and 3rd woman Anemone Fassenet 15’37; 17. and 4th woman Romane Durand 16’02; 27. and 5th woman Candice Marguier 19’40…

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