The Fall of Bitcoin and the Crypto Winter: The Hangover of the Winklevoss Brothers

crank rotationCameron and Tyler Winklevoss is a bit of a symbol of the industry cryptocurrency two-Face. confident and bright When Bitcoin prices are at their highest. bitter and maliciously when crypto winter returns. After researching TVs to explain how right they are Why was cryptocurrency risk-free?they are looking for now in charge to all their misfortunes. Like modern Janus, they represent both the past the last so glorious and will come quite vague near. Here’s a quick look at the two-faced 2022 for Gemini Winklevii.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss: great bull run performances…

In finance and especially, everything changes rapidly crypto ! Days happy to give rise to doubt and in depression in just a few months. A year ago, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss they proudly displayed their success on social media and performed on stage with a rock cover band March junction.

They explained in front of the American audience insurance it was the future of cryptocurrency! Like them, it was necessary to buy risks to succeed. They also called regulation A serious framework that will transform this nascent sector into the giant of tomorrow. They were also seen teasing gently Mark Zuckerberg In the face of these failures with American justice. In short, everything Twins He started touching Winklevossgold. And their platform Twins it thrived in the shadow of Bitcoin, which was peaking at the time.

In 2021, the rise of Bitcoin took all the smiles of the Winklevii brothers

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…are hurt by the bankruptcy of Three Arrows Capital and then FTX…

But spring and autumn 2022 this will end the great success. Indeed, the collapse of the ecosystem Terra (LUNA) will trigger a cascade of events. And the difficulties will come closer and closer Winklevii. Because behind the speeches reassuring and oral guarantees, platform Twins exactly liked his opponents with their customers’ money. He placed him with highly promising actors returns and especially Genesis Global Capitaldirector Barry Silbert.

In the program wincustomers Twins they have unknowingly lent their funds to a third party to generate income. Unfortunately, Creation was exposed to Three arrows Capital and for FTX, whose fall destroyed this financial arrangement. accused by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sale of unregistered securities, Gemini must now deal with the Adjuster and also anger of its users.

2022 will be the beginning of trouble for the Winklevoss twins.  The consecutive drop of Three Arrows Capital and then FTX will put their platform in trouble.  The winning program gets blocked and the customers get angry.  Cameron and Tyler blame the world for their suffering, but perhaps forget to ask themselves.
Cameron and Tyler’s glamorous image is blurring in the complicated 2022

…and give way to bitterness and bear the grudge of the market

As expected, Cameron and Tyler they will use their fame to assert their good intentions. But this company will take a special turn when it launches to blame everyone since. First of all Barry Silbert is accused of mismanagement, blindness, greed, accounting fraud and irresponsibility to hundreds of thousands of customers. Then the turn will come DRY. The twins accuse him of allowing the FTX to flourish and taking legal action against them for political purposes.

It’s faster to forget regulator did not agree to put the product on sale win. Gemini also tends to lose sight of what they have Continue to allow their customers commit Losses with Barry Silbert on Earn Three Arrow Capital has already been made public. In a word, gestures of the family Winklevoss it annoys the detractors who see it clearly a smoke screen to hide themselves responsibilities.

For years, the twins positioned themselves as both victims and the like visionaries. victim Mark Zuckerberg who would accept the idea of ​​a social network. Visionary since this summer 2012where he won the lawsuit against the future CEO with the proceeds Facebookthey will invest Bitcoin. But the accompanying legend Winklevii they seriously start cracking up everywhere they go. And certified bankruptcy Genesis Global Capital does not intend to fix their business.

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