Livinhac: At the tapestry workshop, Mélanie sees life in color

Originally from Normandy, Mélanie Viegas created her upholstery workshop in Livinhac-le-Haut after working in entertainment, doing lots of odd jobs and quite a bit of traveling. From England to South America, where he lived in several countries for four years.

In her studio on the Place du 14 juin in Livinhac-le-Haut, several portraits of the prolific Mexican artist Frida Kahlo inevitably catch the visitor’s eye. “Frida is a real source of inspiration, she is a bit of my muse, she often appears in my work”, reveals to me a young woman of Norman descent who dreams of becoming a stylist. After much travel, he engaged in many small trades; After working for the entertainment world and living in England for four years and then in several countries in South America, this 40-year-old adventurer, a French-Chilean mother of two children, Wayria, 12, and Amarù, 4, is back in Aveyron. territory. Melanie Viegas settled in the village of Livinhac after training in floor coverings at the Afpa center in Decazeville, where she established her craft activity. Meet a creative artist full of energy.

From industrial sewing to costume making

After a difficult childhood – “School was a disaster…” – Mélanie focused on industrial sewing when she dreamed of becoming a stylist. “I learned to dress and create with my hands with my nanny. As a result, I have always been very stylish.”says adopted Livinhacoise, with brown and blue hair.

Little enamored with industrial sewing, Mélanie changed paths and obtained a BEP in sewing, fashion merchandising. “I met a great teacher, Ms. Schneider, who was able to appreciate my personalityAppreciates Melanie, however, I experienced my first disappointment during my internship with a stylist. The world of fashion did not suit me and I gave up again. A little later, I met a former student of Mrs. Schneider’s who had become a clothing designer. He told me because I was very enthusiastic, I returned to him and graduated.”

From Star Academy to Johnny’s Tour

After leaving the costume school in Yvelines, Melanie followed a theater troupe with disabled people as a dressmaker and make-up artist. At just 20, he applied to Zénith de Rouen, where he took part in the first season of Star Academy and several musicals, such as The Ten Commandments. “It was awesome”, brings out Melanie’s taste. But the best was yet to come when he was taken aboard – “I didn’t even know who I was going with…” – for Johnny Hallyday’s 60th anniversary tour with all his guests. A truly memorable experience. But tiring. “It was very cool, but it’s a bit of a complicated environment. And with that, I was the prodigal daughter at home, I wasn’t the black sheep anymore…”

English parenthesis before the big leap in America

But they said that young Melanie was cut off for the road. And here he is in England. Without speaking a word of Shakespeare and without a penny. But with more and more inner strength. After a temporary job cleaning a youth hostel, she worked for a year in a French bakery, then a year in a creperie, where she met an Englishman married to a Chilean who wanted to open a creperie in Chile. The opportunity was very good. “I went to Chile, but there was no one at the airport and I didn’t speak a word of Spanish…” he recalls with a smile today. A hell of a hassle that ended up being pretty good in the end thanks to the kindness of a couple we met on the plane.

Four years of bohemian life

During her four bohemian years in Latin America, Melanie worked fifty small jobs in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala… Pregnant with her son Wayria, the expectant mother decided to return while in Bolivia. to France for delivery. But the taste for travel and the desire to set off again continued to tickle him for several years. “After the skills assessment, a decorator friend of mine said to me, ‘Why don’t you make a chair?’ Melanie continues. Looking for a workout, I chose between Chartres and Decazeville. Chartres was too close to Rouen, so I chose Decazeville.” The beginning of a new adventure in the territory of Aveyron. After training at the Afpa center, the young woman settled on the banks of the Lot, in the market garden, in a parking lot on the road Saint-Jacques, where she boldly began to operate in her garage. “People gave me a chance and Livinhac reconciled me to France”, he testifies. Within two years, Mel’s workshop It took place in the building of an old country grocery store, where Melanie used all her know-how and creative spirit. By word of mouth and sometimes doing things too well, the new upholsterer from Livinhaco met an Austrian client with a passion for armchairs and sofas, with whom he regularly collaborates, which forced him to leave Vienna twice and work directly on site. A great opportunity that will surely invite others. In any case, Melanie has neither projects nor dreams. But he wants to go one step further in his creativity. Just go from craft to art. “I want to explode this world with color. I’m trying to be a bit of a tapestry rebel.” Her Frida Kahlo side is definitely…

Mel workshop, June 14, 12300 Place Livinhac-le-Haut. This kind. 0 669 331 794.

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