Hunting – “No game is worth killing”

Although the OFB (French Biodiversity Office) has observed a downward trend in hunting accidents over the past 20 years, the image of hunting in France is suffering. One accident is always too many. Moreover, in 2021/2022, OFB recorded 90 accidents, including 8 deaths, which is even 10 more than in 2020/2021. But less than 100.

Indeed, there are fewer accidents, already due to the decrease in the number of hunters _ about a million _ and “these results are the result of the efforts made regarding the safety of hunters and the training of hunters. OFB shows.

Safety is the number one concern at the Bassin Minier hunting society, chaired by Michel Bonnot. Held at Magny village hall in Monceau-les-Mines. The goal is to further reduce accidents related to this practice as much as possible.

Accidents, like recorded incidents, confirm that the vast majority of them are the result of human error associated with failure to follow basic safety rules. Thus, among the main causes of recorded accidents, as in previous years, we find a violation of the basic safety rules when driving large game: failure to observe the shooting angle (30 degrees), improper handling of the weapon, shooting in the direction. of roads, houses or walking paths Reads the OFB report for the financial year 2021/2022.

Firearms are feared among non-hunters. Fear of mishandling and misplaced shots leading to accidents. “Since more than 60% of hunting accidents are self-inflicted, the hunter injures himself,” recalls the federal representative. “Even if it is on the shoulder, the gun must be unloaded. When crossing an obstacle, the same thing and also know that the safety handle is not safety. The only safety is an empty gun. We must not be stingy with the stock,” he insists to the hunters of the Mining Basin.

Hunters who know well that their favorite hobby needs to restore its image among the population and nature users. A reminder of safety rules should help with this.

The first victims remain mostly hunters, but 2 out of 10 fatal accidents are concerned nature users. Reconciling the sharing of natural space requires reducing the tensions we observe. Otherwise, the tension will only increase (…). I want better trained hunters, better monitoring practices and more accessible information about hunting activities for nature users Bérangère Couillard, Secretary of State of the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Union, responsible for the environment, emphasizes.


What the law provides, three main axes

1. Strengthening hunter training

The 2019 law requires ten years of education for each hunter will be completed with a “practical component”. In this sense, one of every two hunters will be trained until 2025. In addition, one in five hunters will be trained as a hunt leader by 2025 to prevent accidents and encourage dialogue with passers-by.

2. Improved safety rules

Best practices of existing safety regulations will be summarized, such as maintaining a 30-degree shot angle or universal wearing of fluorescent vests. To this is added the creation of a alcoholic crime and prohibition of hunting practice underdrugs. The government says safety checks will be carried out in sensitive areas and the promotion of the safest hunting methods will continue.

3. Establishing an application between hunters and hikers

Hunting areas will be identified and made public application “to better inform nature users”. The platform will centralize information and be open to facilitate exchanges with existing applications already in use by the general public.

To ensure its effectiveness, the government determines that announcing collective hunts will be mandatory and standardized for proper use and understanding of signs announcing drivers. Finally, in the areas that form a partapproved communal hunting association (Acca), the annual schedule will be delivered to all municipal residents from September 2023.

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