Discover the animals selected in Lubersac to represent the Limousin breed at the agricultural exhibition

This tension ended on the evening of Friday, January 20. After examining more than 180 animals from every angle during the day at the Lübersac fair, the four judges responsible for selecting the representatives of the Limousin breed at the next agricultural exhibition made their decision.

Two farms in particular fared well, leaving with three tickets each to the capital: Gaec Camus father and son in Arnac-la-Poste and Gaec Olivier and Simon Camus in Saint-Hilaire-la-Treille.

Here’s the list of lucky winners who will take part in the Limousine General Agriculture competition on March 2nd in Paris.

award The cream of the Limousine race in Lubersac to win tickets to the Agricultural Show

Men’s sections

Males over 19 months and under 2 years and 7 months:

  • Gaeac Camus remains of father and son RJ (High Vienna)
  • Rafiot RJ (Creuse) from Gaec Desassure
  • RJ ratio of Gaec Marcailloux Nicole and Steph (Corrèze)
  • Gaec Lebourg reflex (Creuse)
  • Ricket from EARL Calmelly (Aveyron)
  • Reminiscence of Gaec Blondi father and son (High Vienna).

Males from 2 years 7 months to 3 years 7 months:

  • Rocknroll RJ from breeding Nadine Fraisseix-Léger (High Vienna).
  • Paillard RJ Gaec Dessalas/SCEA Courtioux/SCEA Etoiles/Lepreux L (Charente)
  • Phoenix du Gaec Hilaire (Correze)
  • Gaec Boubouloux Palace (Corrèze)

Males over 3 years and 7 months:

  • Ophthalmologist in Gaeac Lagrafeuil-Puech (Corrèze)
  • Onyx (Creuse) from Gaec Lebourg
  • Nickel RJ from EARL Grandidier (Moselle).
  • Nino P (Corrèze) of EARL Vincent Besse/Gaec Marcailloux N&S

Women’s sections

In breeding heifers less than 32 months of age:

  • Dew from Gaec Lasternas (Dordogne).
  • The Resentments of Gaec Olivier and Simon Camus (High Vienna)
  • Roxy (Cantal) by Gaec Bladou
  • Roxane from Gaec Mestre-Laleu (Corrèze)
  • Gaec Rousseau Raclette (Haute Viennese)
  • Ricorée from the cultivation of Jérémy Lagautière (Creuse).
  • Radiation from Gaec Rouquier Corbière (Tarn)
  • The brilliance from the cultivation of Philippe Deshoulières (Haute Viennese).

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Cows followed for less than 3 years and 8 months:

  • Rose du Gaec Lagautière 23 (Creuse)
  • Rebel of Geac Bourbouloux (Corrèze)
  • Pigeon (Corrèze) by Gaec Gilles and Franck Dumond
  • Papeete Z, bred by Emmanuel Zerger (High Vienna)
  • Petals of Gaec Camus father and son (High Vienna)

Cows monitored from 3 years 8 months to 4 years 8 months:

  • Gaec Lasternas pen (Dordogne)
  • Pocahontas (Corrèze) by EARL Bourdarias
  • Umbrella by Gaec Olivier and Simon Camus (High Vienna)
  • Oaxaca RR du Gaec Berthe father and son (High Vienna)
  • Gaec Camus father and son Onglette (High Vienna)

Cows tracked for 4 years and 8 months:

  • Olympe RR of Gaec Pimpin (High Vienna)
  • Nissan RR from breeding Richard Bournazel (Corrèze).
  • Mirondelle RRE Gaec Raffin Ponroy (Indre)
  • Miami RRE Gaec Olivier and Simon Camus (High Vienna)
  • EARL Arrouy (Hautes-Pyrénées) Mantilla RRE
  • Gaec Dumont Brothers Mafia RRE (High Vienna)
  • Gaec Bourbouloux to Julius RRE (Corrèze)
  • Nutella RR from Gaec Beauchêne (Main-et-Loire).


  • Gaec Mestre-Laleu Show (Corrèze)
  • Rififi.O, Philippe Deshoulières (High Vienna)
  • Onyx from Gaec Pimpin (High Vienna)
  • Paula (Correze) from Gaec Bourbouloux
  • Gaec Camus Applause of father and son (High Vienna)
  • Nor from EARL Calmelly (Aveyron)

A selection of beef cows for sale at the Red Label “Blason Prestige” auction

The purpose of the selection day was also to select beef cows for the Red Label Blason Prestige auction of dozens of Blason Prestige beef cows to be auctioned on Monday, February 27th.

  • Gaec Camus father and son Miss RRE (High Vienna)
  • Colorless by Gaec Rouvelaud (High Vienna)
  • Waving from UALC (Corrèze)
  • Gaec Ninja Aucomte father and son (High Vienna)
  • Nikita (Creuse) from Gaec Desassure
  • Oceania from the cultivation of Frédéric Poirier (Vienna)
  • Gaec of Odyle Lagrafeuil-Puech (Corrèze)
  • EARL Meyrignac to Jakarta (Corrèze)
  • Fairy of Gaec du Roche (Lot)
  • Manila from the breeding of Jean-Jacques Bros (Corrèze).
  • Peony from SCEA Deprez aux Anges (Dordogne)

Two alternatives were designated: Olympia (Gaec de Puy Rogier, Corrèze) and Oiselle (Gaec Aucomte Father and Son, Haute-Vienne).

More information about the animals that will participate in the competition can be found on the France Limousin Sélection website by following this link.

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