15 Best iPhone Apps to Manage Your Social Networks in 2023

A little more connected every day, each of us has our own little corner of the internet. From social networks to blogs, apps or websites, it’s hard to miss. Who says a web presence necessarily means managing all that, updating, posting, posting, twittering… It takes time, so knowing how to do it from anywhere, from your iPhone (or its tablet) may be interesting. That’s exactly what this updated app folder is for. So let’s see How to manage your presence on the web or in the App Store with iPhone/iPad tools.

Most of the apps presented here are free, paid ones are marked as such.

Manage your profiles on social networks

Social networks are an inevitable phenomenon today. It is clear that we use (almost) all these networks and more and more “elsewhere”, whether to discuss, inform friends, share information or even monitor a certain topic. Of course, everyone has their own program. Attract even many applications around the best known ones. Here’s our pick.


As for Facebook, the official app is mature enough not to turn to third parties. Thanks to it, you will be able to fully manage your profile, post photos and react to the latest news from your friends (if they are still on Facebook in 2023). It’s been a while since it’s been possible to stream live video as well as make purchases through Marketplace, among others. Much criticized, but still invincible. Maybe not for long.

There is no other way to send messages through Facebook now, except to switch to the Messenger app. Why? Nobody knows…

Do you manage one or more pages? Facebook also thought of you and offers a program dedicated to this:

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On the Twitter side, the situation is a little different, and there are several quality programs for writing tweets. It is worth noting the minimum official application for this option: it is updated often, always close to new features, regularly improves, but remains perfect.

Among the various programs dedicated to the microblogging social network, one of them works well and has gained great success among tweeters called Tweetbot. Many features offered by Tweetbot, but above all its efficient and well-designed interface made it a success. The application offers to manage multiple accounts and offers great customization options. Support for gestures and notifications makes it a beautiful, ergonomic and pleasant to use Twitter app.

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Alternatively, there is the following paid application:

Also check out Linky, a paid app that lets you create image-rich tweets, specifically:

Finally, the Chirp app for tweeting from Apple Watch does the job perfectly. We have presented it in our columns:


Many thematic networks exist, but they are often underutilized and therefore lose their social aspect. The Instagram app offers meetings around photos and videos, and thanks to the iPhone app, it’s a fantastic success. Take your photos and enhance them with available filters and effects to finally share them directly on Instagram, but also on Facebook or Twitter. So the loop is complete!

In addition to photos, it is also possible to share videos.

It should also be considered

“Pro” oriented networks

Social networks can find their place not only for chatting and having fun, but also on a professional level. Here are the most popular ones available on iPhone apps:

Conducting a live event

Facebook offers a feature to broadcast live video to Facebook friends.

Let’s not forget to mention YouTube, which also allows you to produce live videos like Twitch, even if the second service is still focused on certain areas, including video games.

Manage your site or blog

Publish on your blog

Whether you are an amateur blogger or a more experienced blogger, you probably know that a good blogger needs to be able to draw his or her electronic pen anywhere, anytime. Since your computer isn’t always with you, sometimes it’s good to be able to respond to an emergency with a quick note from your iPhone or iPad. A selection of lightweight blogging apps based on their favorite platform:

And if there is one platform that dominates bloggers, it is WordPress. The WordPress application is not a replacement for the online version of the site, but it can be useful for managing your blog quickly and on the go, and if you are not too demanding, you can add content. Of course, it’s free, and the most ruthless can satisfy their desire to publish wherever they want, and that’s great.


Follow the statistics

A good webmaster should monitor his site statistics every day. With these apps, page views, unique visitors and other trends are no longer a secret. Charts, percentages, click-through rates, everything at your fingertips, in your pocket. Google Analytics is the official app for viewing Google Analytics statistics from your iPhone. It allows you to compare data between several dates and track statistics in real time. The program is free!

As you have to pay for all this, you have to go through the pub checkout. In this regard, it is necessary to accept that Google Ads is a reference. With this program, earn. Pages viewed, CTR and other statistics no longer keep any secrets.

Practical tools


Handy tools for sharing creations or pre-publishing them can make life easier. First, let’s mention the Shortcuts app. It allows you to create mini apps on iPhone and iPad. A nice library is offered and the bricks are plentiful. Therefore, the possibilities are extremely diverse and will allow you to automate certain tasks, for example, cropping an image, placing an outline, sharing content, etc. We also provide you with a whole file on the topic for you to find here. The icing on the cake, Shortcuts is a completely free Apple app.

The IFTTT platform also allows for the creation of practical automations. An iOS app is also available. In particular, it is possible to link Facebook and Twitter, among many other things.


An excellent newsletter solution, Mailchimp is available on the iPhone and offers all the know-how to better adapt to members’ wishes. Manage your lists, it is important to see who is clicking and viewing, who is tweeting, in short, how your newsletter readers are behaving. the program is free and if you try it, you will quickly see the wealth of interesting information that can be obtained from it.

For those with an iPhone app in the App Store

A working site should almost certainly have a counterpart in the App Store. The petition is a bit like a sacrament. To know whether it is pleasant, you need to rely on several indicators. The App Store Connect app is just that. Signed Apple, it finds information about past days of downloads and purchases (for paid apps). It also gives the number of updates, offers graphs and percentage changes. Free and convenient to access statistics on the go!

You’re usually ready to manage your web presence from just your iPhone.

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