11 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From True Nature Episode 2

Accompanied by Jean-Philippe Dion, actress and business woman Caroline Neron, actor Denis Bernard and comedian Mathieu Dufour experienced an emotional weekend. Fun fact: the two members of the trio didn’t know each other at all, which led to some great discoveries!

Here are 11 behind-the-scenes secrets from the latest episode true nature:

Caroline knew very young that she wanted to be an actress. Already at the age of nine, his vocation was clear. His first memory of being “in front of an audience” was when he was four years old when he was hit by a car. A man managed to save her in an extreme situation, but she remembers very well the sound of the car, the screams of people and the crowd around her. But the memory he keeps above all else is seeing people staring at him! In addition, his entrepreneurial skills emerged at a very young age. As a youngster, he lived near a golf course, and by the time he was eight, he was selling golf balls he collected from the course for 25¢ each. This was his first steps in business…

Photo: Bruno Petrozza / TVA Pu

A bit of unpublished faith because the moment doesn’t show up in the edit… At noon we played miniput and I offered my guests ice cream toast. This is because when Mathieu was young, his grandfather sometimes looked after him, especially when his parents had to go to work early. He let me sleep while his grandfather made breakfast, then sent him to school. Once in a while he would make ice cream toast: toasted and buttered slices of bread topped with a scoop of ice cream! Honestly, it was really good: it tasted like an ice cream cone!

We discovered that Denis Bernard is extremely nostalgic. As soon as he sees childhood photos that remind him of his parents or grandmother, he becomes extremely emotional. The research team also pulled off a major coup: they got their hands on a race track his father had given him when he was young. We found the original track with his father’s name on it. It was a nice memory for him because it was one of the games he liked to play with his father. It was a woodcutter and he went to the forest for months, but when he came home Denis was playing with him.

Denis prepared a classic for us: seafood risotto. He cooked it over wood in a large iron pan. In this case, there was no doubt that Denis was in charge of the kitchen, while our other two guests had no talent at all!

Over the course of the weekend, Caroline and Mathieu discovered several intimacy. Since childhood, everyone at school was a terror! It’s not that they weren’t cute, but they were annoying. They had energy, they liked to act and face authority. The dinner brought a special moment… I showed Carolina an excerpt from an interview I had accompanied her to New York to start her business on American soil. He loudly said that he has collected 10 million circulation and wants to reach 100 million. We know what happened to Caroline… I asked her what she remembered about all of this and she concluded that you should never sell a bear skin before you kill it. We may have goals, dreams, but it’s better to talk about them after they have come true. Mathieu, for his part, told us about his goals during dinner. She dreams of an international career in French and English. It wasn’t him in particular that Caroline wanted to warn, but Mathieu listened intently and would no doubt learn lessons for his own career.

Denis Bernard has an extremely impressive resume! He starred in the biggest series of Quebec. Heirs of Duval hour A difficult timePassing by Scoop, Jasmin and Yamaska. He is someone we know without knowing him. As if he had decided to tell himself true nature. He gave up a lot of himself and even believed in something that he had been dragging for several years. He actually agreed to expose himself.

We had a crazy night! We gathered around the bonfire with our guests. Denis plays the guitar. I wanted to hear him sing and play, but he was too nervous. When he was young, his father would always ask him to sing a little song and it was the worst thing in the world for him because he was embarrassed. He somehow experienced this situation with us. Finally, he played two of his classics: so fragileBy Luc De Larochellière and Shallow, by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It was a big mess because no one was singing on the same note true nature! (laughs)

Photo: Bruno Petrozza / TVA Pu

About thirty people work true nature. In the evening, the team members return to the hotel and each of them talks about what they liked about the shoot. Caroline caused a lot of reactions that evening… We learned a lot about her, including the fact that she was suffering from an image problem. People had an idea of ​​who he was, but it wasn’t necessarily true. During the dinner, he was extremely emotional as he talked about the failure of his business. The next morning he told us he realized it wasn’t fully healed and he still had work to do. It was difficult for him to relive these events.

Unknown Talent
Mathieu woke up the other guests with the sounds of the French horn. He performed it in his youth and cadets. He didn’t play for about seven years. I’d say it’s a pretty amazing sound that woke up our guests nicely! He also surprised us by putting himself at the piano and singing Hello From Adele. He really has great musical talent!

Since it was our first shoot of the season, we made sure everything went smoothly. The only problem: we hadn’t installed the dock and boat on the starboard side! The boat got stuck on the rocks at the bottom of the river and I had to jump into the water to push our guests. The team got off to a good start and were proud to have managed to capture it all!

To whom true nature, we usually accept people who do not know each other or very few people. In this case, we knew Caroline and Denis were playing together Diva 25 years ago, but it was not known if they saw each other again. I was in the control room when these two paths crossed when they reached the cabin. Denis recognized Caroline, but Caroline didn’t because she was wearing a hat and sunglasses. When he presented himself to her, she couldn’t believe it! It was interesting for them to have the opportunity to update. As for Mathieu, he really felt that he knew all the members of Quebec show business, but he found that this was not the case. He had no idea who Denise was! For Mathieu, it was the same with Denis. It’s still rare that our guests don’t really know the people they’re spending the weekend with… I like it when that happens: I make everyone tell their story so others can learn.

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