Orange snow-ice alert: gallery in Rodez and roads due to snow, return to kitchen Thursday evening

Seven departments of Occitanie, including Aveyron, stayed awake in orange snow and ice this Thursday evening, January 19. Since the evening, snow has appeared at a steady pace.

Since the beginning of the week, the department has faced cold and snow again. From this Thursday morning and until midnight on Friday, January 20, Météo France posted Aveyron exciting orange snow-ice.

“The disturbance scheduled for the end of the day on Thursday January 19 affects the department from the western end with the first rain in Villefrancois and the first flakes in Rodez,” announces the South Aveyron weather forecast.

“The intensity of the snow is increasing by the hour and the precipitation will move towards the south and the Monts-de-Lacon”. Therefore, it is better to avoid going out at night.

22:45 – Rodez is wearing white

21:55 – There are no school buses from the Agglobus network on Friday morning

“Due to weather conditions, school buses from the Agglobus network will not operate on the morning of Friday, January 20. Thank you for your understanding.”

21:50 – Snow on the register

20:00 – Rodez under the snow!

By 8 p.m., Rodez was already in white, and drivers (like pedestrians) had to balance who was on the road and who was on the sidewalk. Snow made it difficult for city traffic. Snow removal machines have started working in the city.

21:00 – Rue Béteille

Rue Raynal

It is also difficult to rush in small streets. Many decided to walk.

It is better to move on foot, but be careful not to slip.
Aveyron Press Center – Jennifer Franco

21:30 – Kitchen in front of Champollion

At the top of Bourra, very soon the drivers found themselves stuck or had difficulty continuing their journey despite the equipment. Some had to turn to benevolent spirits to help them push their cars.

21:45 – Boulevard du 122 Infantry Regiment, busy

Traffic is disrupted on the side of this axis as well. With the beginning of a cork.

20:50 – Saint-Affrique and Saint-Rome-de-Cernon

19:00 – Be careful on the roads

The department urges caution if “driving on the roads of Aveyron now or in the evening. Light snow is currently continuing without affecting road conditions.”

ROADS | Be careful if you’re driving on the Aveyron roads now or tonight.
\u2744 Currently, light snowfall continues without affecting road conditions.

— Department Aveyron (@dept_aveyron) January 19, 2023

New snow

In addition, “vigilance remains necessary, precipitation is announced from 250 m in the evening and early at night. Above 800 m, patches of full snow continue in the central and northern department”.

Vigilance is required, precipitation is forecast from 250m this evening and early night.
\u2744 In the center and north of the department, full snow spots remain in the network above 800 m.

— Department Aveyron (@dept_aveyron) January 19, 2023

A large amount of snow fell on Aubrac.

A large amount of snow fell on Aubrac.
Photo Facebook Weather South Aveyron – Sébastien Ramondenc

As Météo Sud-Aveyron later noted, “this snow will fall cold and frozen and whiten the roads very quickly with the risk of icing. It is best to avoid traveling in the evening if you can afford to” struggle on the roads or find yourself stranded find out Rain is expected to continue until midnight or 1 am.

Snow forecast

Western Aveyron will be particularly affected in the evening and tonight.

Western Aveyron will be particularly affected in the evening and tonight.
Photo – Facebook Weather South Aveyron

About an additional 2 to 7 cm may cover soils from Villefranchois to Rugier de Camarès, or a little more in the Segala, Lévezou and Monts de Lacaune and Alban highlands (10 cm is possible). Estimated between 1 and 4 cm in East Aveyron.

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