Gas stoves: Énergir removes two pages promoting them from its website

Quebec’s largest natural gas distributor has cautiously removed two pages from its website promoting gas stoves days after doctors and environmentalists released a statement about the risks associated with the devices.

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pages Introduction On Tuesday, a group of doctors and environmentalists in particular asked the Legault government to ban gas stoves.

A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, joining several other journals published in recent years, claims that 12.7% of childhood asthma cases in the United States are linked to these devices.

Contacted by the Journal last week, natural gas distributor Énergir said: “ [Énergir] does not sell or promote natural gas stoves.

However, we did find two articles on his website extolling the benefits of gas stoves. One says “a natural gas stove will be a great companion to your best meals” or “cooking with a natural gas stove has never been so enjoyable!” »

Another text described commercial stoves as “ideal and indispensable.” These two articles were removed after our article was published.

Énergir claims it removed those articles, which date back to 2019 and 2016, after the company “evolved” the role. Company spokesperson Elaine Arsenault said about it. [ces articles] were clearly marked and we felt that they were no longer relevant, so we preferred to remove them. »

gas stove

Image taken from Énergir website

Minimized risks

Meanwhile, the customer services of two Quebec gas companies, Énergir and Gazifère, minimize the risks associated with these devices, despite numerous studies on the subject.

We called several times to find out what information was sent to concerned citizens. We were systematically told that Énergir is content with distributing gas but not promoting the device.

The secretaries emphasized the importance of good ventilation when using a stove, regardless of the energy source (natural gas, electric, etc.).

As for the hazards, only cooking fumes are mentioned and it is added that they exist regardless of the energy source. Various writers also suggested reading consumer reviews before choosing a stove model.

“It will see what it says: is there a malfunction, does the device last a long time? It’s also important because you’re going to invest a good amount in a quality thing or not, so I think it’s not “is it dangerous or not” but you need to check more because natural gas, a lot of people use it, it’s a fuel yes, but everything is done to keep it safe for the customer,” he said.

One official suggested having a certified plumber service the appliance and obtain the necessary information for safe use.

Ms. about the risks posed by the study.I Arsenault echoes Énergir’s concern. The company says it is currently focusing on analyzing the results of various studies on the topic and their methodologies.

There is no danger

On Gasifere’s side, they simply tell us, “If it was dangerous, there wouldn’t be a natural gas stove on the market,” before adding that this week’s article is just trying to scare people. . No comments were made regarding the importance of ventilation.

Despite the group’s demand that these stoves be banned and that the gas distributors be summoned to a parliamentary committee to clarify the situation, the government has always made no comment.

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