Animal boarding: growing activity

It is a fast-growing activity that meets the needs of more and more pet owners in Morocco. These are pensions for animals that offer a wide range of services combining childcare, education and recreation services.

If you type “pet boarding in Morocco” into the Google search bar, you will be amazed. Day care centers, hotels and boarding houses flourished everywhere, especially in Casablanca and Rabat. Indeed, with the onset of the health crisis, Moroccans have developed an appetite for adopting pets, especially dogs and cats. With the restoration of a normal rhythm of life, owners are faced with the question of taking care of their four-legged companions, especially during a trip, a mission or even a day. This type of pension has been developed recently to answer this problem.

Liza Azzouzi, owner of the Nature Envies farm in Sidi Allal el Bahraoui, Rabat, explains the genesis of the dog boarding project. He assures us that the Au bonheur des Chiens space at Nature’s Envious Farm was born from the desire to offer these animals and their owners a place for socialization, well-being, leisure and learning in a safe environment. Passionate about canines, Azzouzi aims to meet the different expectations of dog owners who are increasingly looking for childcare, education and recreational services for their pets. “However, we have found that it is possible to offer a kind, clean and safe space for dogs to live in. Our entire center is designed with the utmost respect for nature, and our constructions are environmentally friendly,” he explains.

Practical services for entrepreneurs
Nature Envies farm offers its customers a variety of services, in particular a boarding house that allows the owners to meet and care for dogs while they are on the move. During their stay, the animals are kept in closed cages at night and roam freely in a field during the day. Canine Education, part of the services offered by Nature’s Envy, aims to support owners in the education of their dogs by providing them with the necessary tools and canine communication codes. “Trained as a dog trainer and behaviorist in France, we offer different training programs according to the profile of the master/dog pairs and the challenges they face, respecting the physical and psychological integrity of the dog,” said Azzouzi. .

His farm also offers a fun service called “Sunday Off”. So, every Sunday there are collective walks or play sessions for the dogs, followed by breakfast for the masters who can discuss and enjoy the natural and quiet environment of the farm. In addition, Assouzi announces that “soon we will launch a daycare service for owners who do not have time to offer their dogs enough physical activity during the week.” Retirement groups offer to pick up animals in the morning, spend the day, and drop them off at their owners’ homes in the evening.

But about the rules
Morocco regulates commercial dog trade and training activities and makes them subject to administrative authorization. “The law regulates the implementation of these activities by requiring that the premises meet standards that guarantee the health and safety of workers and dogs,” says Azzouzi. Requires the use of a veterinarian responsible for verifying animal health and safety measures and requires that the person carrying out this work has the necessary experience or qualifications.

Lisa Azzouzi

Owner Nature Desires

“There is a demand”

What is your business model?

We have two types of income: either day, or stay, or service. We bring together a community of customers who believe in the value we create and want to participate in the creation and development of modern and protective structures for animals and the environment. We have invested more than one million dirhams in the design of our center.

Is there enthusiasm on the part? customer?

We started the activity a month ago. We have received many positive comments from people who are happy to have a place where they can spend free time with their dogs and leave them in peace. Our first sales are very satisfactory and exceed our targets. The demand is definitely there.

What about the market and competition in which you operate? What makes you different?

The pet market is growing rapidly. We have designed a center that is large enough (maximum 20 dogs) to provide individual treatment for each animal. Plus, in group activities, this limited size allows for pack walks, which dogs especially like.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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