30 years after Audrey Hepburn’s death, historic photos resurface

In pictures, in pictures – The actress, a symbol of grace and elegance, died on January 20, 1993. Getty Images has just found rare photos of its unforgettable hero. Roman holidays and My fair lady.

He was grace personified. Audrey Hepburn left us on January 20, 1993. Already thirty years ago. No one has forgotten her unique elegance, charm, presence in front of the cameras, as well as her incredible photogenicity, immortalized by the lenses of the greatest photographers. On this birthday, Le Figaro decided to publish unpublished photos of his unforgettable hero My fair lady, miraculously unearthed from the Getty Images archives and commented by the photo agency’s editorial director, Julian Ridgway. We see him again with the dancer-actor Fred Astaire, the great French writer Colette, several Hollywood directors or even a simple beginning in one of his first plays. A true collector dedicated to his great talent.

Audrey Hepburn and Colette work hard… The novelist chose the actress to play gigiIn 1951 in New York

Audrey Hepburn and Colette. Getty Images/Hulton Archives

“While filming in Monaco in 1951 for a small role in the film We will go to Monte Carlo By Jean Boyer, Audrey Hepburn was discovered by Colette, who cast her in the lead role in the Broadway production of the play. gigi. Audrey Hepburn later considered this episode to be a major turning point in her career. But by the time Hepburn sailed to New York to begin the play, she had already screen tested for the lead role in the film. Roman holidays Along with Gregory Peck, it will win her an Oscar for Best Actress.

In 1956, he made a musical comedy with Fred Astaire…

Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn Getty Images/Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive

“Burt Hardy photographed Audrey Hepburn again 6 years later. At that time, he was already awarded the Oscar. His first session with her, when he was still an unknown, captured the qualities that would soon make him a Hollywood star. This last session captured what appears to be the real Audrey relaxing on set in the meantime Funny facechatting with the rest of the team or chatting with Fred Astaire.

Moments before the Oscar…

Audrey Hepburn wearing makeup before receiving an Oscar… Getty Images/Bettman

“For a brief period in the mid-1950s, the Academy Awards were broadcast from both Los Angeles and New York. Audrey Hepburn was even able to receive the best actress award for her performance in the film in 1954. Roman holidayswhen he also performed in the play cancel That evening at the 46th Street Theater in New York. Along the way, she took off the blonde wig and make-up she wore for the performance and walked through the city under a police escort, arriving at the New Century Theater (home of the Oscars) just in time to receive her award. There are few famous photos of him holding a statuette, moving visibly, but this gives a good idea of ​​what the reality of this extraordinary night must have been like.

Dancer’s grace…

In this photo we find all the unique grace of Audrey Hepburn. Getty Images/Pictured Parade/Hulton Archive

Although Audrey Hepburn had a privileged childhood, she experienced extreme poverty during the war and also suffered from malnutrition during the Dutch famine of 1944. She moved to London at the end of World War II to study ballet, but turned to an acting career. , realizing that her health would not allow her to become a prima ballerina“.

A photo of debutante Audrey Hepburn in 1948…

An extraordinary youth photo taken on a plane when she was still an unknown actress. Getty Images/Paul Popper/Popperfoto

When the family moved to London, Audrey Hepburn’s mother, Baroness Ella van Heemstra, supported them by working as a cook and housekeeper. Audrey Hepburn was part of the chorus of such plays, High Button Shoe By Julius Styne during a tour of London in 1948. It is amazing that she was chosen by the photographer, because at that time Audrey Hepburn was not yet known.“.

Audrey Hepburn is behind the scenes of her filming sabrinaby Billy Wilder

Audrey Hepburn at work, cigarette in hand Getty Images/Archive
An extraordinary chiaroscuro of Audrey Hepburn. Getty Images/Archive

“We are constantly finding and digitizing new images from the more than 135 million negatives, prints and glass plates we hold in Getty Images’ worldwide analog photo archives. These two images were recently discovered and are fascinating. This is a behind-the-scenes report from the set of Hepburn’s second major film. sabrinaIn 1953. Particularly interesting is his examination of a strip of what appears to be a 6×6 black and white negative – the same film and format used for this photograph, indicating that he was looking at the first images of the report.”

Audrey Hepburn as Natasha Rostov War and Peace

Audrey Hepburn on set War and Peace by King Vidor. Getty Images/Archive

These films create photographs War and Peace Another very recent find from the same collection in our 1957 archive. In King Vidor’s 1956 adaptation of Tolstoy’s masterpiece, we see Audrey with her adoring gaze between scenes.»

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