when marketing came before technology

The Metaverse is a futuristic technology in development, but also a very effective “word” to sell you tacos and virtual Gucci bags. Discover the top 10 funniest metaverse.

In 2021, Facebook became Meta and announced its new ambition: to create real A virtual world called the Metaverse. But by announcing this project, Mark Zuckerberg projected himself into the distant future.

Unfortunately, in our consumer society any updates should be available immediately. marketing agencies, YouTube startups and influencers they have long lost the ability to plan long-term.

As soon as the word “Metaverse” was mentioned, all the big companies in the world started doing it use this term to make it a new “buzzword”. to use in all sauces. New a cow milked to the last drop.

That’s how Metaverse took over press releases, advertising campaigns, and conference programs. whilespecific technology had not been developedbrands have already promised to drag us into a fantasy world of breathtaking realism.

of course this fashion effect did not last. Despite efforts to hide the rose pot, consumers quickly realized they were only being offered wind…

The souffle quickly subsided, but this episode demonstrates just how prepared marketers are for it We sell bladders for flashlights. Relive the worst projects described by their creators as the “metaverse” through this file…

Carrefour and its job interviews in VR

By conducting job interviews at Metaverse, Carrefour hoped to give a futuristic imagee candidates and the whole world. If it was the metaverse in question, it would be a stroke of strategic genius It didn’t look like the failed PS1 game from 1996.

Looking at these images, one gets the impression that there is more Carrefour is in total disarray and on the brink of bankruptcy. Not sure if you want to work there…

Albertsons and its bagel shop

albertson metaverse

Metaverse offers endless possibilities. One could travel through time, explore fictional worlds, venture into abstract universes… some prefer to start slowlysuch as the Albertsons supermarket chain.

The firm created a metaverse experience for ordering food from VR for the real world. An interesting idea, except that this virtual grocery store is for sale just pretzels, peanut butter and soda.

Miller Lite Virtual Brewery

The Metaverse doesn’t really exist yet, however Miller Lite has already thought of the main thing: beer. After all, your digital avatar also needs to be unlocked after a long day.

This RV bar serves cold beers, of course, provided you have a majority. L’the advantage is that the pint is free.

Chipotle and its burrito rolling contest

Unknown in France, Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American restaurant chain specializing in tacos and other Mexican specialties. How does it relate to digital technology? None.

This did not stop the company from starting operations a” Burrito Rolling Contest » Roblox is an online children’s gaming platform. According to the press service, ” Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox is a new simulation experience that challenges players to roll burritos in the Metaverse to earn Burrito Bucks, the brand’s experimental currency. “.

The first 1,000 burrito rolls earned enough Burrito Bucks to redeem for real-world burritos. Welcome to the future with three meats and salsa sauce.

Applebee’s “Metaverse Monday”

applebee metaverse monday

Like the Metaverse, NFTs have been a buzzword of recent years. Marketers From Applebee’s, the American equivalent of Buffalo Grillso he decided to mix the two.

The chain of restaurants began to operate A collection of NFTs called “Metaverse Monday”.but there isn’t it has nothing to do with the metaverse or even Monday. As long as the geek hamburger fans come running.

Taco Bell is having a wedding in the Metaverse

taco bell metaverse

Who never dreamed Getting married at Taco Bell, the American equivalent of O’Tacos? What could be more romantic than the smell of potatoes? At least that’s what Americans think: it’s actually possible to have your wedding at Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas for several years now.

However, this was only the beginning. Within the framework of the competition, two lovebirds will have the opportunity to get married within a period of time A Mexican ceremony was held at “Metaverse”.

Gucci and its VR bags are more expensive than the real ones

The designer bags and NFTs have things in common. In both cases, value is created through artificially produced scarcity.

So why not combine the two to sell virtual bags at an astronomical price ? That’s probably what Gucci executives thought to each other during a brainstorming session.

In 2022, the brand launched its own “Gucci Town” on the Roblox platform. In this space, visitors can buy virtual bags.

The “Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bee” is on sale at a special price 350,000 Robux is the equivalent of over $3,000. For comparison, this model costs about $2,000 in the real world…

McCormick’s House of Flavor Experience

Here is another “metaverse” Deserving of a Second Life and 2003-2005. American spice company McCormick has set up shop in Decentraland: ” the largest current metaverse » with… 8000 users.

Those who come to “Lazzat Evi” will be able to do it explore the different spices of the brandDiscover Vietnamese food and even win related objects.

All these food-related ideas in the metaverse would be awesome if they existed Any sense of smell or taste in VR. However, this is not the case at the moment.

Combine that with an uninspired experience a VR MMO that only interests a few weirdosand you get a good summary of what the metaverse is like right now.

Chase and First Bank of the Metaverse

Marketing agencies aren’t the only ones rushing into trendy technologies, no, come on! Generally, they are accompanied by banks in their travels.

Back in 2022, Chase rushed to create the metaverse’s first bank in Decentraland. the the problem is that it is useless : this is only a virtual fair review the portrait of the CEO of the company, Jamie Dimon…

The EU castle is 400,000 euros

For governments and political institutions, new technologies can also be a good way to show that we are in the game. that we are modern and “djeunz”..

At least that’s what the European Commission seems to think about the Global Gateway project. This metaverse space cost more than 387,000 euros, but journalist Vincent Chadwick found only 6 people at the inaugural gala … what if we stopped Create metaverses for absolutely anything and everything ?

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