Toulouse. 50% of Tisseo strikers say “we have to stop the whole economy”!

Since yesterday, residents of Toulouse and the surrounding area have been warned by Tisseo: there will be major disruptions in public transport. And for good reason, for the first day of the strike against the pension reform, the proportion of those on strike rises to 50%. The strikers held pickets in front of the company’s three depots and shot their colleagues who were still working to persuade them to join the mobilization. At the Atlanta depot, 144 out of 300 workers are on strike, and at the Colomiers depot, 100% are on strike!

The strike rate may be even higher, with some workers going on strike as early as 9 a.m. just to attend the demonstration.

Even though there is only a week to build the mobilization, on national days like this the mobilization is wider than usual. As in many parts of the country, for some workers, it is the first time they have gone on strike in the face of a government attack.

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On the lips of many strikers, in addition to the attack on pensions, the problem of wages too low to cope with inflation is quickly returning: “It is a general saturation,” a member of the CFDT trade union confides to us. “With inflation, we stop more, it’s not normal, we have to be able to make ends meet! »

The same story with CGT representative Stephane Chapuis, “today is pension, but behind it is purchasing power, inflation”.

“Today’s mobilization concerns pensions, but only! At the Colomiers depot there is a mechanic Nicholas. “For some time now, the government has been driving us crazy with fuel and general price hikes and salaries not matching it, we are doing more work! »

At Tisseo, the upcoming opening of Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO) will raise the issue of wages sharply. But while a large collective movement is taking shape, there is one certainty: only a national movement will allow wage increases above inflation, where box-to-box negotiations allow only a few percent, the bosses take advantage of. distribution between different companies.

For the various people interviewed at the picket, there is only one way out: “to block the country once and for all.” For Nicolas, the ideal would be to “take two or three days off in a row” in the hope that the pension/inflation cocktail could kick in broadly. “If it keeps up, it’s a good start! »

A plan that CGT-Pétrole proposed to all other unions, and which Stéphane agreed with: “To reverse such a reform, we have seen it in the past, mobilization is needed. strong. “A union member calls for continued mobilization, a rising crescendo: “Today is a day of testing, but we must be able to stop the entire economy! »

A union member on the picket line shares the same desire: “We need an indefinite strike, I don’t have much faith in the confederations, you see… But they should organize an indefinite strike!” »

Many across the country, in many clubs, hope that over time they can all build a movement together to force Macron and his bosses to bite the dust on all points: pensions, wages, working conditions, etc.

The inter-union should hear the call of these strikers and call strikes for several days in a row, which would make it possible to establish a real restorative strike.

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