How to get notified when your friend is online on Whatsapp?

Want to be notified during WhatsApp user sessions? Through this post, we are giving you all the tips to get notified when your loved one is online on WhatsApp.

Social networks accompany us every day in our interactions with our families, friends, colleagues, lovers or girlfriends. We use these platforms share news, information, videos, photos, images, music, files, links, folders. Thanks to these platforms, we are no longer a border issue. Because we are close to each other even thousands or even millions of kilometers away. Qualities that keep many people on these platforms for hours. And that’s how it is on WhatsApp. This platform is owned by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s company Metaverse. During a WhatsApp session, you can get an alert that the correspondent is in his session. How? Find out through this content.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a social network owned by Metaverse. It was bought by Mark Zuckerberg in 2014 19 billion dollars, WhatsApp has since been the personal property of Mark Zuckerberg. This messaging, chat, photo sharing, video and location platform is used by billions of people. WhatsApp also has many features. First group creationfor the second creating a mailing list share any kind of content. The third feature lets you hides its presence on the platform and yet see everything that users post. The fourth feature of WhatsApp the ability to read voice recordings and send messages to other users. The fifth feature of WhatsApp is the enabling feature connect user accounts to multiple devices such as computers and tablets. The last feature we like the most is the security aspect and data protection through end-to-end encryption This does not give WhatsApp any legitimacy to access your personal information and all other information shared from the platform.

How many people use Whatsapp platform?

At the time of its launch in 2014, the platform had nearly 500 million users. Today, this number has tripled. In fact, it’s like that every day 1.5 billion users Connected to the WhatsApp platform. For this purpose, the site SLN Agency Note that it is in the day 4.5 billion images shared as 55 billion messages were sent. Thus, WhatsApp is one of the social media with the most subscribers and regular users. Among these users is a parent, a friend, a friend, and your child is one of them. How to find it.

How to be notified when a correspondent is online on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp aims to be reliable, secure and intuitive to use. And to that end, WhatsApp pays close attention to privacy, security, and assurance in interactions. Therefore, the platform does not offer any functionality that alerts a reporter when another reporter is online, even if you exchange regularly..

WhatsApp Alert Feature

The only feature WhatsApp offers that notifies your correspondent is when you change your phone number. And still at this stage, if WhatsApp can disclose your new phone number to your contacts, your prior consent is required. once a box”yes” is checked, it can send your new number to your various contacts using the WhatsApp platform. There are external apps that you can use and connect to your WhatsApp account to alert you about the presence of a reporter. We do not know the reliability of these applications. Security can be faulty and thus hack all your personal data. Therefore, we do not recommend using these programs.

Third-party applications that warn when a correspondent is online on WhatsApp

However, if security and data protection are not critical issues for you, you can use these apps. The first third-party app is called Wacontrol, which allows you to track multiple WhatsApp users. It’s free and its community celebrates “that is safe“in perspective”it does not have access to any of your personal information“. A small downside of this app is when your correspondent hides their contact in WhatsApp, Unified control cannot inform you about the online presence of this reporter. The second program is called WhatsMonitor. This is another thing that pays off after 3 days of use. This allows you to know your correspondent’s contact hours, disconnection time and get notified when this correspondent is online.

Finally, we reiterate for the last time that these apps have not undergone any internal testing. We ignore their reliability and privacy policy. Please take all necessary information before linking your WhatsApp account.

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