Economy | Daniel Tchenio: “473 million euros were injected into offices, this is a strong signal for investors”

After the records set in 2021, the office market in the metropolis of Aix-Marseille continues to gain momentum.

Author: Lisa DOMANECH

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Last week, the ImmoStat Grouping of Economic Interests took place, bringing together the main business real estate consultants. Among them, the industry leader CBRE, represented in the region by Daniel Tchenio, chairman of the FNAIM AMP business real estate commission.

The latter returns to report on the third market in the Aix-Marseille-Provence region for 2022 with Le Hub La Provence, characterized by its constant appeal.

How is GIE ImmoStat organized?

Daniel Chenio: Every quarter we bring together the participants of the GIE ImmoStat Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, founded four years ago. The goal is to have a global vision, to develop our activities as much as possible and to present the indicators of the business real estate market in the metropolis by adapting our statistics to participate in the attractiveness of the area.

What findings were made?

Daniel Chenio: 2022 is the continuation of 2021. 159,292 m2, including 103,000 m2 for Grand Marseille, close to the 2021 record of 164,000 m2 placed.

This year was supported by four “big deals”, i.e. large transactions, carried out by CBRE. Our group ended the year with a market share of 38%, which is a great source of pride and an indicator of our company’s performance. The Bouches-du-Rhône department leased 8,500 m2 of office and 6,200 m2 for Erilia, the lessor, 5,300 m2 of office for the Artea sur Meyreuil operation and 6,000 m2 for Bourbon in the M Factory operation developed by M Factory.

All in all, 2022 was exceptional, showing the dynamism of the capital market. 823 million euros were invested in it. As for offices, it is 473 million euros, which is a strong signal for investors and a success for the Euromed zone, which carries out more than 30% of transactions. Among these operations is, for example, the tower of La Marseillaise. Today we are flirting with 160,000 m2 of office space in the metropolis, which is once again a record.

The tower of La Marseillaise
The tower of La Marseillaise© DR

Given that the office market has been particularly dynamic since the health crisis, are there fears that this performance will peter out?

Daniel Chenio: Our shared views agree that the metropolis is suffering from a lack of new offices. This is due to a multi-factorial crisis, between the war in Ukraine and rising prices of materials, interest rates, plus the energy crisis… All of this is an explosive cocktail that creates fear. of all economic actors.

These concerns are valid, but as I said when trying to downplay the situation, we must not give in to “evil”. I remain an optimist, I think we have all the means to withstand these threats, and crises create opportunities. Also, an interesting sign: in 2021 and 2022, all the major documents drawn up in the pre-covid period have been completed, nothing has been revised downwards, the office market is doing well, despite our fears that we have some in the health period. crisis. If everyone is rowing in the same direction, if there is sensitivity in processing building permits, if there is supply, we will be able to find customers.

We intend to upgrade the market with the latest generation buildings and rehabilitate old buildings and convert them into offices or apartments. It is a virtuous arrow that can only be produced by all actors in the chain. After that, the fact is that it is important to optimize business premises as much as possible in order to develop them.

What transactions will mark the year 2023 for CBRE?

Daniel Chenio: Last year we did a number of co-working space and flexible office transactions with the IWG group. We signed a contract for 2000 m2 in Aix-en-Provence and will continue to work together in 2023. You should know that the competition in the market makes it very difficult for us, it is difficult to plan, but coworking will once again be the main operator. . In 2021, 35% of the demand placed in the regions is devoted to education. Educational real estate will also be the subject of our next conference next February.

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