Davos 2023: Thunberg and Nakate criticize climate inaction

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg blamed a meeting of big bosses in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday.“Intensifies the destruction of the planet” by investing in fossil fuels and prioritizing short-term profits at the expense of those affected by the climate crisis.

Greta Thunberg Prominent Ugandan youth activists also attended vanessa nakateDuring a round table with Helena Qualinga and Luisa Neubauer, Executive DirectorInternational Energy AgencyFatih Birol, on the occasion of the annual meeting World Economic Forum.

This was said by Vanessa Nakate “Leaders play games” with the future of people. People living in the regions of the world most affected by climate change “Hold on to your lives and try to hang on for one more day, one more week, one more hour, one more minute”he said.

Helena QualingaA local activist from Ecuador claimed that the world “He takes a really dangerous path”.

Activists brought a letter “termination and withdrawal” calling on fossil fuel company leaders to halt all new projects fat and natural gassigned by nearly 900,000 people.

Scientists say no new fossil fuel projects can be built if the world is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius under climate targets set in Paris in 2015.

Vanessa Nakate added that the current levels Warming upReaching up to 1.2 degrees Celsius, that means “It is already hell for many communities on the African continent and in the south” who they meet droughtsheat and excessive flooding.

Activists have increasingly criticized the inaction of governments and big business in recent years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Birol said “legitimate optimist” about the possibility of the world moving away from fossil fuels clean energies. He drew attention to US laws decrease in inflationAn estimated $375 billion in climate incentives will be transformative for renewable energy in the country.

But he added that “The problem is that we are not fast enough to meet our climate targets.”

general manager of the company International Monetary Fund (IMF), asked Kristalina Georgieva what she would change to speed up the transition “net zero”he replied that it would be locked United States of Americathe DemonI’India andEuropean Union enter the room and close the door.

He “I would let them go after signing a promise in blood to work together to save the planet”he said to the applause of the audience during the discussion on green finance Davos.

the weather and sustainable development The elite conclave in Davos is increasingly becoming a key topic, although it has been criticized for being a forum for discussion that results in little direct action. In addition to panels this year, several sessions focused on the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. global economic recessionfood security and technological innovation.

Dozens of climate activists – some dressed as clowns – braved the snow on Sunday to wave banners and chant slogans at the end of the Davos walk.

“The changes we need probably won’t come from within (from the Davos meeting), I think they will come from below.”Greta Thunberg said. “Without massive public pressure from the outside, at least in my experience, these people will go as far as they can go. As long as they can get away with it, they’ll keep investing in fossil fuels, they’ll keep dumping. People are under the bus for their own benefit.”

Greta Thunberg did not attend the final UN climate conference in Egypt last year, but Vanessa Nakate, Neubauer and Qualinga participated in protests and sessions at the event.

“In high-level meetings, leaders should talk to leaders, not privileged people like me, but those on the front lines”Greta Thunberg said.

The appointment of the head of the national oil company in recent days was criticized at the conferenceAbu Dhabi as chairman of this year’s event. “It sends a message that the conference is not being taken seriously.”said Mrs. Qualinga.

But the US climate envoy John KerryHe told The Associated Press that he supported the decision, citing his work Sultan al-Jabir about renewable energy projects.

“I think Sultan al-Jabir is a great choice because he is the head of the company. This company knows it needs to make a transition.”Mr Kerry said on Sunday after attending an energy conference in Dubai. “He knows it – and the leaders of the United Arab Emirates are determined to ensure the transition.”.

Mrs. Thunberg came to Davos from Germany. coal mine. After the protest, his boots were still covered in mud. He and several other high-profile activists were chased out of the city by police on Tuesday.

“The level of activity there, the frustration and anger, almost desperation, to me is a signal that we need, not just in Germany, but all over the world.”Germany’s climate envoy Jennifer Morgan told AP on Wednesday.

According to him, Davos participants “They are the key decision-makers who can make a big difference if they really understand the 1.5 degree target and take the necessary action”. But he admitted that if they had a role to play, “They are not the solution”.

Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore sympathized with young activists and said he agreed with Thunberg’s actions in Germany.

There is a gap, Mr Gore said in Davos on Wednesday “Between those old enough to hold a position of power and the youth of this world”. Climate activists added “They came to the conclusion that officials are not doing their job.”

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