According to Vinci’s CEO, there is no “shameful fat”.

Will Xavier Huillard keep his good resolutions for 2020? During his pre-Covid-19 swearing-in in the Archipelago on January 15, the chairman and CEO of the Vinci group announced that its new headquarters in Nanterre wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. 2018. For the return of this face-to-face ceremony on January 19, 2023 at the site of the future Paris 2024 athletes’ village, he advocated the use of fossil fuels.

Asked about subsidiary Cobras’ acquisition of eleven oil and natural gas field concessions from Petrobras in December 2022 for US$1.1 billion, the head of the construction and concessions giant replied: “We don’t have disgraceful oil.” “It will continue to exist, sometimes new, sometimes rehabilitated.” He vindicated Xavier Huillard, who promoted the development of renewable energy sources. Its subsidiary Cobras has also won a contract to design-build-install two platforms for the conversion of wind-derived electricity for a German operator worth about €4 billion.

Vinci wins gold contract to develop offshore wind power in the North Sea

Energy, ‘great area for development’

Accelerating renewables is indeed, in his opinion, a “extremely strong wave”. In 2022, energy a “terrific growth area” in context “carrier of energy transition”, On December 31, 2021, it was strengthened by the inclusion of Cobra in the Vinci group. from “big stakes” which will continue. “We found that economic growth is directly linked to the availability of low-carbon energy” chained Xavier Huillard, referring to the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis that followed.

However, the acceleration bill put forward by the CEO, Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher, is certainly judging. “in the right direction” but it remains “insufficient”. “I’m not sure we’re on track to go as fast as other countries.” hugged “In France, they tell us: ‘You have a great project, get the approval of all interested parties’, because we are still sure that we have no problems thanks to nuclear power plants. But we have been importing electricity for several months, including from Germany.” Xavier Huillard noted.

Renewable energy: passage of the bill has cheered the sector without letting its guard down

“Extraordinary, irrevocable and irrevocable” opportunities

And at the same time, “We are living in such a moment that our compatriots understand that we are not in such a good position.” “I hope it will bring more consensus on decarbonized energies” The boss of the construction and privilege giant emphasized. Faced with the American “Inflation Reduction Act”. “incredible simplicity” and one “great efficiency”, “if we are not flexible, we risk losing this leadership”. “This issue should form the basis of the future of our economic policy in the next ten to fifteen years”, he said again.

The fact is that, according to him, energy occupies the transition “big” Vinci Energies and Cobra present opportunities “extraordinary, irrevocable and irrevocable”. “This Won’t Stop”, he concluded.

After Vinci, Eiffage accelerates on renewable energies

“Abolition of housing tax was a negative element”

Xavier Huillard had already challenged the chief executive about the housing crisis during the presentation of the half-year results in August 2022. “it is important that the apartment gets the government’s attention quickly”.

On January 19, the CEO of Vinci reiterated his message: “Perhaps our rulers are not motivated enough to deal with this business sector, which makes us think that difficulties may continue to pile up in this sector.”

“We don’t build enough in France and there are no incentives to build [pour les maires] certainly not enough he called for the abolition of the housing tax ” negative element “.