Snow has fallen to lower altitudes in Bern and Bigorre

After two days of storms, the disturbance leaves a thin white carpet behind Bern and Bigorre. On the morning of January 18, it snowed downwards. A few snowflakes on Pau it soon disappeared. On the other hand, snow continues on the slopes and Piedmont. 1-3 cm of snow at 300/400 m.

Waking up to snow for many residents of the foothills of the Pyrenees who can enjoy this winter landscape. There were a few early in the morning transport difficulties especially at the level of the Ger plateau Between Pau and Tarbes.

For this listener from France, Bleu Béarn Bigorre, the town of Asson got the first snow of 2023. in the mountains, special equipment is mandatory Above the Laruns in the Vallée d’Ossau, with heavy traffic in the direction of the Col du Pourtalet and the town of Eaux-Bonnes, it became difficult to reach. To reach the Béarn ski resorts, you need equipment. Traffic is also difficult on Argelès-Gazost and Pierrefitte-Nestalas.

Snow and ice scene on Col du Pourtalet after a blizzard


In the Aspe valley, heavy trucks still cannot climb towards the Somport tunnel, shows the Pyrenees-Atlantique prefecture. Traffic is prohibited on the Spanish side.

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