save up to -59% to protect your online connections

More and more internet users are turning to VPNs to protect themselves from cyber attacks and other Internet threats. (Photo: Getty Images)

This year, we’re taking the time to protect our devices. And that’s good, because Nord VPN subscriptions are seeing their prices drop during the winter sale.

Today, more and more users around the world use VPN to protect the privacy of their internet connections as much as possible. Do these three letters mean something vague to you? You’ve heard of it before. Here we explain everything to you.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network. This is what these three letters mean. A simple (and in French) VPN is a virtual private network. It allows you to create a fully encrypted and secure connection between your computer and the various sites you visit. It makes you think when you know that in 2019, around 90,000 people were affected by cyber attacks on French soil alone.

In addition, VPN is also used to overcome certain restrictions placed on us on the internet… Are you still hesitant to buy a VPN? Here are 5 good reasons to adopt.

Enjoy up to 59% on Nord VPN

This is certainly the main reason to start today. To mark the beginning of the year, the NordVPN service offers great promotions.

By choosing the Ultimate package for one year, a -54% reductionand pass €89.88 per year instead €198.84. By choosing the Ultimate package for two years, a -59% discount. The price then rises to €160.56 instead of two years €397.68. Not bad, right?

VPN with these two packages it protects against viruses, blocks ads, manages cross-platform passwords, scans for vulnerabilities and offers 1 TB encrypted cloud storage. In addition, the VPN is guaranteed satisfied or refunded within 30 days and can be shared between up to six devices Total.

To browse the Internet safely

The main principle of a VPN is to protect the connection so that you can access the Internet without worrying about possible cyber attacks. Thanks to the software, it will not be possible for anyone to steal data, extort money or interfere with the device’s resources. The internet connection is encrypted and completely secure.

Unblock content that is not available in the country

Who hasn’t dreamed of wanting to watch a movie that’s available on a streaming platform abroad? Indeed, platforms such as Netflix or Disney+ have a catalog of movies and series across the country. So it often happens that content is available on the other side of the Atlantic but not in France. Thanks to VPN, geographical barriers no longer exist! It allows you to connect to the server of your desired country to take advantage of its benefits. Likewise, it allows you to watch any program by connecting to a French server while traveling abroad.

Get more affordable prices for your holidays

Everyone has found themselves in this scenario: connecting on Monday to book a flight or hotel, only to reconnect two days later because starting prices can’t be found. And for good reason: online ordering sites identify IP addresses and cookies, then adjust their prices accordingly. Again, a VPN allows you to hide this information and browse websites without leaving any traces. Ideal for finding the best prices for your holiday.

Improve connection speed

The last and least reason to adopt a VPN: gain connection speed. Indeed, VPNs have ultra-fast servers to take advantage of optimal speeds 24 hours a day. Perfect if you work from home or are a video game enthusiast.

So don’t ask yourself any more questions and immediately take advantage of the Nord VPN offer that is valid for a few more days on the brand’s website.

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