It’s time to shut down social networks

CHRONICLE – Pessimist, nostalgic and anti-modernist Gaspard Proust warned us: our societies suffering from digital are running towards their own destruction. Rebelling against our addiction to social media, the Slovenian-Swiss actor laments that they give us the impression of freedom while confining us to the ranks of… larvae.

When the Parti Québécois proposed a national collective detoxification week last year, some scoffed.

Despite this.

Because social networks, let’s be honest, are the merciless destroyers of the human race.

Pocket confession: I’m a compulsive consumer, hypnotized by a friend’s recent sushi photo from Eve or Adam. From the uninteresting edition of pseudo-influencer-lacking-social-emotional. From the mononc joke we only see once a year, with good reason. From a recent review of a book by Francois Legault that he has never read, thanks to the assigned staff.

At a restaurant, beach, or library, everyone watches occasionally or almost full-time. Family, couple, friends.

It is enough to take a short walk in the university corridor during the break, to think with dozens of bowed heads in search of who knows.

We talk more, but we listen to each other less.

We are prone to immediacy, rarely continuity.

One ignites with superficiality, hardly with substance.

How many hours are you reading today compared to Facebook, Twitter or Tok Tok?

Trolls and insults too, especially after a TV or radio appearance. Every time I get a “message invite” alert, my heart rate goes up. A real treasure chest: zouinzouin, threats, a video of a thug polishing your body with insults (unsolicited). Best since time? The competition is fierce, but I still have a soft spot for it: “Toue my big tabarnak, we’ll send you to the Islamic State to be beheaded so you can learn to think.” (Editor’s note: I have corrected the errors.)

Therefore, all kinds of violence and aggression. For a woman participating in public debate? Do it a thousand times. What a crazy thing to do. Another issue: what do you think is the impact of social networks on the social fabric, our democracies and the rule of law?

If I was happy that Facebook was able to promote the revolutions of the Arab Spring, let’s just say that I completely missed its result: the emergence of co-organizations.

No social networks?

There is no LAW.

Cossette-Trudel, Tadros, Pilon (and their several hundred thousand subscribers).

From Farfadaas.

Clogged tunnel.

From the caravan of Kémions.

Andrew Tate, daughter of UQAM, or any of the other influencers who struggle with the decline of the collective intelligence ratio on a daily basis.

According to Eko: Social networks have given the right to speak to legions who previously only spoke in bars and did no harm to society. They were immediately silenced. Today, they have the right to speak like a Nobel laureate.

Humiliating? Of course. Fake? I’m not sure.

Another thing: no social network, less populism, left or right.

Less extreme right.

No… Trump.

am i cheating I’m not sure. According to research, the ex-president lied more than twenty times a day. Through what? Basically, Twitter is responsible for fact-checking, deliberately bypassing traditional media.


Scientific research on the subject is beginning to bear fruit. Among other age groups, teenagers who are addicted to social networks suffer, according to a study published in the journal. Jamaica Psychiatry – more anxiety and other mental health problems.

It’s all in the (sincere) confessions of former Facebook president Sean Parker: the media was designed to “exploit the weakness of human psychology,” to admit the former big boo. Likes, for example, will provide the dose of dopamine that users need to become addicted to the platform. By the way, what is dopamine? A neurotransmitter that cocaine relies on. Only.

So shut down social media before it’s too late. Chances of that happening? Zero, of course. But ok. Anyway, you might like the column.

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