Climate matters at the Davos Economic Forum

Climate is invited to the Davos Economic Forum by the voices of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Ecuadorian Amazonian activist Helena Gualinga.

Political and economic leaders from around the world are meeting in Davos in the Swiss Alps on Monday. 52nd World Economic Forum (WEF). This year, the climate will inevitably take an important place in the discussions.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ speech resonated particularly strongly on Wednesday, a day after Ursula von der Leyen announced a European plan for a green and competitive industry. He condemns lie factory fossil fuel producers: “Some oil giants have resorted to the big lie about global warming”, days after publicationA study of what the American giant ExxonMobil knew about this risk forty years ago.

“(They) knew very well in the 1970s that their breakthrough products would set the planet on fire. But like the tobacco industry, they abandoned their science. Some oil giants tell big lies“said the leader participating in the Davos Forum.

Hold those responsible accountable

“(They) knew very well in the 1970s that their breakthrough product would set the planet on fire. But like the tobacco industry, they abandoned their science.”

Antonio Guterres

Secretary General of the United Nations

According to him, “responsible persons should be brought to justice.” were tobacco companies. reference to 246 billion dollars US tobacco giants agree to pay 46 states over 25 years in 1998 covers the cost of care for ex-smokers.

Back in the 1980s, the oil giant was ExxonMobil global warming projections with remarkable precision, carried out by their own scientistsAnd decades later, that’s exactly what happened, a study published Thursday in a prestigious journal confirmed Science.

But the company for years to cast public doubt on the state of scientific knowledge on the subject, also drew attention to this publication. “Today, fossil fuel producers and their supporters continue to fight to increase production, knowing full well their economic model is incompatible with human survival“Mr Guterres also claimed: ‘This madness is science fiction as we know it. ecosystem collapse “It’s pure and hard scientific fact,” said the secretary-general, “and we’re flirting with it.” climate disaster“.

An important decade

Current production growth “madness”, Dear Guterres was still nervous. Another factor is added to this situation, The war in Ukraine and its impact on energy and food prices. The UN chief again called to avoid a new cold war between the Westerners and the Chinese, which would worsen the situation.

Another problem: tensions between rich and developing countries increase. We must work to end the latter’s “rage” on pandemics, climate or financial issues, Mr. Guterres said.

“The battle to meet the 1.5 degree (global warming) target will be won or lost this decade.”

Antonio Guterres

Secretary General of the United Nations

The UN Secretary General also condemned it certain “dubious” commitments of companies to carbon neutrality. It “misleads consumers, investors and regulators with false stories,” he said. opens the door to “greening”. “Our climate commitments require the full commitment of the private sector,” he insisted, “and we must fight to keep them.” The 1.5 degree (global warming) target will be won or lost this decade“.

The private sector should do the same Co-operate He also added that he will continue exporting grain and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia. And low prices guaranteedhe said again.

“That’s enough!”

There is “enough” to use fossil fuels: This is the alarm raised in Davos by an Ecuadorian activist from the Amazon Helena Qualinga Together with Greta Thunberg and other young activists one of the new faces of climate change mobilization. 20-year-old Helena Qualinga became the spokesperson for the Sarayaku community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. rights and more autonomy against the state and the big oil companies.

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg and Ugandan activists Vanessa Nakate and Germany’s Luisa Neubauer launched in parallel with the Davos meeting this week. application calls on multinational companies to stop using fossil fuels. The text has been put together Over 800,000 signatures within a few days.
“We have come from different parts of the world, but we have the same proposal. This is a call to say, ‘We are fed up!’ .

There is no trust in the state

Ten years ago, Sarayaku community He won a historic victory before the American Court of Human Rights Ecuador had violated its right to be consulted on the oil exploitation permit is given in the territories. Qualinga insists on representing the symbol to the rest of the world “by this fact”.a nation so small but so organized (…) can exclude the company, ensure compliance with its rights”.

Like many other young activists, he is searching new forms of mobilization, he admits it is “very, very difficult” but says he doesn’t rely on forums like the COP and the UN climate conference to get results. “We cannot rely on states to agree It actually succeeds in mitigating and halting climate change“he claims the role of indigenous peoples in protecting their territories and biodiversity.

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