Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photo, video)

First Boeing 777-300ER of the airline Air France equipped with new cabins will enter service on Friday Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Dakar this winter will be his first destinations.

After several delays since the fall due to unofficially “documentation” issues, the first rebuilt 777-300ER (F-GZNK christened Fontainebleau), will enter service between the base on January 20, 2023, with new Business class and new Premium and Economy seats. Paris CDG and the airport New York-JFK. Seven flights by Air France are scheduled on the route on Friday, including two by Delta Air Lines, the transatlantic joint venture partner and alliance. SkyTeam ; the aircraft in question did not appear on the Flightradar24 listings this morning at the time of writing.

The French national company also confirmed yesterday that “Fontainebleau” will take off on Saturday Rio de Janeiro-Galeao In Brazil, then Sunday around 22 Dakar-Blaise Diagne In Senegal.

Continuation of reconstruction works twelve 777-300 ERs Air France’s long-haul fleet (then 48 in business class, 48 ​​in Premium and 273 in economy), i.e. 369 places vs. 381 before the restructuring), “will allow us to offer more flights equipped with these new cabins to these first three destinations during the winter months, and then to expand this network throughout the year,” the press release emphasized. .

“Thanks to this important new step High class Air France”, all Long-haul business cabins By the end of 2023, they will benefit from seats that turn into fully flat beds, while 90% today. By this deadline, the entire fleet (except regional monkfish) will be equipped with WiFi on board, compared to 97% today.

“Into business cabin (48 seats in 1+2+1), this aircraft features the new Cirrus seat from Safran Seats and presents a completely new version, revisiting Air France’s iconic soft and curved seat. It covers the 3 Fs: Full Flat comes in a real flat bed of almost 2 meters; Full access, each with direct access to the driveway and Full Privacy for optimum privacy. The new sliding door allows you to fully personalize your space, thus protecting the rest of the cabin. Seats located in the middle of the cabin now have a center wall that can simply be lowered for more intimacy when traveling for two. A wide range of entertainment is available to enjoy the journey together. The chair also features a large 17.3-inch 4K High Definition anti-glare screen with noise-cancelling headphones, new Bluetooth connectivity that lets you use your own headphones, and multiple outlets.

Settling aboard this cabin, everyone is greeted by a backlit winged seahorse that embodies the company’s founding myth and rich history. Padding inside the seat gives a feeling of softness and closeness. Wool, brushed aluminum, French full-grain leather, Air France preferred noble, soft and natural materials for production. Finally, each chair is finished with the company’s trademark red accent.

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Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 2 Air Journal

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Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 3 Air Journal

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In Premium economy cabin (48 Recaro PL3530 seats in 2+4+2), Air France is now introducing the latest “seat” type model (reclining seat) offered on the Airbus A350-900, while also increasing comfort. Everyone has 96cm of legroom on the plane. The seat foams have been redesigned and the navy blue herringbone fabric provides more cushioning. The back extends to 124 degrees and is widened to provide more privacy. The noise-reducing helmet fits harmoniously for comfortable use at any time during travel. USB A and C ports complete the package.

Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 4 Air Journal

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Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 5 Air Journal

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Finally entered economy cabin (273 Recaro CL3710 seats in 3+4+3), the seats also meet the highest comfort standards on the market. Each has a 43cm wide seat, 119-degree recline and 79cm of legroom. The seat back is ergonomic and offers enhanced lateral support. A USB A port is also available. These last two cabins offer a large 13.3-inch 4k High Definition screen equipped with Bluetooth. Ideal for discovering 1,500 hours of on-demand entertainment with your own headphones.”

Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 6 Air Journal

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Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 7 Air Journal

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All travel cabins have customersAir France Connect, the company’s contact offer. The portal offers three links, one of which is completely free, allowing you to easily send and receive messages, as well as all flight and connection information. Note that Air France has two other configurations for its 777-300ERs: with First 4-58-28-206 (loc. 296) and in rev COI 14+28+430, i.e. 472 seats (already repaired).

Air France: new 777 takes off on Friday (photos, videos) 8 Air Journal

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