Weather warning: Snow, ice, heavy rain

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The situation

By Wednesday, the wintry weather continues and is very uncomfortable for much of the country. Three-quarters of the country is expected to improve from Thursday thanks to the return of high pressure. However, an active depression should be monitored for the arrival of an active trough in the southwest on Thursday, with heavy rain and snow expected at lower elevations in the foothills.

Before that, snow will continue to spread over the northern two-thirds of the country until 12:00 on Wednesday, excluding the Paris basin and Hauts-de-France. As the temperature drops, snow on the ground will often cause ice to form.

In the south of New Aquitaine, the rains will be intermittent and sometimes of moderate intensity.

On the windward side, the situation is improving on the coast of Aquitaine, but the risk of drowning remains due to the continuation of strong waves of up to 5 m. The improvement also extends to Corsica with a partial reduction in wind and a more pronounced weakening of precipitation.


This Tuesday

At 18:00 it is still snowing between northern Burgundy and Alsace, the temperature has changed little for 2-3 hours. The snow is persistent and light to moderate in intensity. Snow falls especially from a height of 500 m.
Rains continue in the southwest, but remain mostly moderate in intensity.

at 3 p.m., The wind is weakening in Corsica. Winds over 100 km/h are still observed at the ends of the island, but less stormy than the last 3 hours. This is the case with 121 km/h in Cannanno, north of Bastia, as well as 116 km/h in Cape Pertusato at the southern tip and 102 km/h in Porto-Vecchio. Mild rains are still observed in the south of Corsica. Snow appeared on the mountain. Cumulative rainfall is now between 100 and 135 mm over terrain in 48 hours.
In the south of Aquitaine, the wind continues to weaken. Maximum winds are between 80 and 90 km/h, especially in Biscarrosse and Cap Ferret. Light to moderate rains continue in P. Atlantiques.
Snow has been falling for 2-3 hours in the Central and North-East regions of the country. Indeed, due to the temperature drop associated with isothermal conditions, the snow cover on the ground reaches, for example, 1-2 cm in Orléans and 5 cm in Langres (52).

at 12, wind gusts in Corsica, reaching 181 km/h at Sponde (2B) and 159 km/h at Île Rousse (2B). In the center of the island, total precipitation reaches 111 mm at Vivario (2B), which corresponds to 1 month of precipitation.

In the south of Aquitaine, in the regions of Ciboure (64) and Pau (64) and Tarbes (65), the wind weakened this morning after the passage of the Fien storm, which caused winds of 137 km / h, but there were violent thunderstorms. insist. So, in the last 48 hours, 100 mm (64) of rain fell in Biarritz and 95 mm in Laruns (64). In the mountains, the fresh snow layer since yesterday has reached 85 cm in La Pierre Saint Martin (64) and 80 cm in La Mongie (65).

In the center and east of the country, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, the valleys north of the Alps are quiet with a few more snow flakes. On the other hand, the situation worsens from the center of the Val de Loire to the plains to Burgundy, where snow falls.

at 7 a.m. As Storm Fien passed, the wind gusted violently along the Basque coast, with gusts of 108 km/h at Ciboure (64) and 137 km/h at Biarritz (64). Rain is abundant in southern Aquitaine: 101 mm of rain has fallen in Biarritz since Sunday morning, i.e. 1 month’s rainfall. In the mountains, west of the Pyrenees, Pierre Saint Martin (64) and La Mongie (65) were hit by a blizzard with 50 cm of fresh snow and 70 cm of fresh snow since Monday morning. In the Massif Central, Cantal at 1,100 meters continues with 30cm of snow from 500 metres. These snowfalls reach alpine valleys from Annecy to Grenoble due to temperatures close to 0°C.


Tonight : rainfall increases in Landes and Pyrenees-Atlantiques, but decreases in Corsica. The snow falling between the Massif Central and the Alps retains its intermediate character. In the northeast, it snows all the way to the plains.

Tonight : An axis of high pressure will form between Pays-de-la-Loire and Grand-Est, causing the wind to shift rapidly northwards between Alsace and the Massif Central. This change in weather conditions will help snow fall rapidly in the eastern half of the country, with moderate snow showers moving across Brittany behind. In the southwest between Landes and P. Atlantiques the rains will be continuous at times.


In the morning : we will still see snow showers across Brittany and light to moderate snow over the Centre-East.
On the rainy side, in the south-west, drought will be observed.

Afternoon :
The general improvement will continue despite snow in the northwest, some remnants in the Alps and periods of sometimes heavy rain over the P. Atlantiques.

Evening : Even if some precipitation continues in the Northwest, the Central massif and the Southwest, the gradual increase in pressure will have a positive effect on the general weakening of snow showers.

We wait until 6 am on Tuesday :

– 5 to 10 cm in the plains in the northeast in the departments placed on the orange warning.
– often icy roads due to the drop in temperature.
– Cumulative rain of between 50 and 70 mm over Landes and southern P. Atlantiques, adding to what has already fallen since Sunday.

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