Two days before the holiday, a strong mobilization is approaching

Two days before the start of the mobilization against the pension reform, this Tuesday, January 17, the curtain should be lifted on the extent of the expected disruption in several key sectors, primarily transport and education.

“The school was closed on January 19” : in Marseille, as everywhere, signs began to appear on the portals on Friday. “The entire teaching team will go on strike”even celebrated one of them in downtown Marseille.

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Pension reform: the unique Borne-Ciotti axis

Evidence of pension reform, which aims to raise the legal retirement age to 64, “Major concern” for teachers, says Virginie Akliouat, head of the Snuipp-FSU union in Bouches-du-Rhône, who expects a very strong movement in National Education.

“Strong Blow”

Already at the end of 2019, during the previous reform attempt, the first day was marked with an initial strike rate of more than 50%, according to the ministry.

The trend for Thursday should be known quickly, as school teachers must declare their intention to stop working at least 48 hours in advance – an obligation not available at colleges and high schools.

Refusal of pension reform, look for a woman

Traffic forecasts will be published around 17:00, same warning period for RATP and SNCF. The Paris transport union made the call “Strong Blow”especially since the government wants to abolish their special pension scheme in the long run, as it has already done for railway workers.

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Three years ago there was no traffic “very worried” In the capital, in particular, 11 out of 16 metro lines were closed, with only one in ten trains running across the country on the first day of weeks of social unrest.

Strong test

This time, the renewable movement scenario is taking shape mostly in the energy sector “Electricity production is decreasing” without, it is expected “go dark”FNME-CGT leader Sébastien Menesplier warned, referring to the possible. “cuts” aimed at elected officials “Supporters of Reform”.

Pension reform: the elderly are still left out

“We are working on well-targeted regional events”Gravelines nuclear power plant (North) FO manager Frank Redondo confirms his prediction “Strong mobilization on Thursday” and is already being designed “on other business days”.

An increase is also expected at refineries, with 24 hours notice on Thursday, 48 hours next week and 72 hours in early February. at the TotalEnergies warehouse in Dunkirk “Employees are very confident” against the reform, CGT secretary Benjamin Salvino says he hopes for action on Thursday that is almost at a standstill, but without immediate consequences at service stations.

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“Blocking the country”?

However, Monday morning saw slightly more shortages than usual, with 3.75% of outlets running out of petrol or diesel, and up to 18% in Yvelines, a sign of some motorists’ fear of being ripped off.

The government is also expecting these disruptions, as Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt predicted on Sunday. “There will be people on the street” while wishing “This does not result in a blockade of the country”. Comments on public broadcasting, which will have to cut Thursday’s broadcasts to a large extent.

Not enough to dissuade the united unions from going on strike. CFDT number one Laurent Berger thus expects a move “massive” Thursday, while CGT colleague Philippe Martinez hopes “millions” strikers and demonstrators.

A petition was launched last week by eight major labor organizations a “Unjust and cruel reform” has so far exceeded 400,000 signatures.

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