The social and solidarity economy is waiting for action

It is the second day of Marlène Schiappa’s visit to Corsica. The Secretary of State responsible for the social and solidarity economy and community life went in particular to the Falepa integration area and the Stiletto college in Ajaccio. If actors in the field are happy to see their actions highlighted, they expect action.

After your first day in Haute-Corse, head south of the island to Marlène Schiappa. The visit of the Secretary of State responsible for the social and solidarity economy and community life begins in the Ajaccio district of Cannes.

This is where Falepa built an integration project around the recycling of wood and plastic materials. Minutes before Marlène Schiappa’s arrival, Patrice Pellegrin, director of the structure, steps into the room. The man impatiently presents the movement of his association to the minister.

“It is important that we can be interested in what we do. Integration projects are a sector that is not well known to the general public.he admits. This allows us to see that we have real activity, real production with money that is not invested in any way.

13 people with a social minimum, without a diploma, elderly or in a difficult situation benefit from the support of the Falepa integration project. Among them is Jean-Pierre, who has a five-month contract. “It’s nice that a minister is looking at the problem. The interest he can show in this model is positive.”believes

The Secretary of State begins his visit to the workshop. While some are in a hurry to take selfies with him, others are concentrating on their work. Away from the eruption of the environment, Dylan dutifully cuts a piece of wood.

“It’s always nice to have a minister come to see our work. After all, he’s just a human being. I really don’t see what he can do for us specifically.”loosen the young man, readjusting his hat backwards.

In November 2021, Brigitte Klinkert, another Minister responsible for Integration, also came to discover Falepa’s move. If he was deceived by the expansion project carried out by the structure, it did not happen, the minister’s mandate ended after 6 months.

“You definitely don’t get anything from these visits, He knows Patrice Pellegrini. But the fact that we are in these circles means that we think about ourselves, small associations, otherwise it is complicated in terms of communication.”

Different place but same concern. Cindy Montoya, Regional Director of Learning to Learn in Stiletto College Hall, is very pleased with the Minister’s visit. “Besides the promotion of the social and solidarity economy, the idea is to show a panel of our young Corsicans who are in the process of building projects. For us, it is also a way to highlight before the work presented by the team. “underlines the young woman.

The association works with young people, “developing an entrepreneurial spirit”, along Corsica. And this with a team of only three people. Facing the portraits of Corsican resistance fighters such as Andy Warhol, who decorate the walls of the institution, he admits the difficulty of the director’s task. “We are a pain association. We need profit! It’s good to put ourselves forward today, but it’s time to let ourselves go. No score yet”Judge Cindy Montoya.

However, the Minister ensures that all applications are considered. “We support the actors of the social and solidarity economy of Corsica, in particular through the Regional Chamber of the social and solidarity economy. It is present on the ground because it is very important to develop the projects “, Marlene Schiappa assures.

“It is very important to highlight their actions, because I believe that Corsica has a very old culture of social and solidarity economy, and it is important to see how much this solidarity exists today.”the minister adds.

Ryan, a CM2 student at Salines VI, was far from those concerns “proud and happy” to present the mini union created by the class to the minister. “I am happy that there are people who are interested in the projects of ten-year-old children”rejoices, in turn, the little boy.

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