Swiss animal rights activists: “The monster can be killed”

Animal rights activists are more diplomatic in Switzerland. On our side, with an area of ​​approximately 300,000 square kilometers 3300 monsters (ideally one monster per 100 square kilometers, even if they don’t cover the entire peninsula) despite the increased damage, we’re not talking about management in Switzerland. 180 monsters just over 40,000 square kilometers (one monster every 227 square kilometers) handling several specimens the place where the damage occurredbut also as a preventive measure It is not only widely accepted but also supported by environmentalists. This is confirmed by the same acronyms (Pro Natura, Wwf, Birdlife) that shut down any possible dialogue in Italy.

Just these days, a joint press release was published Pro Natura, WWF Switzerland, BirdLife Switzerland and Swiss Wolf Group declares that the state of things is accepted and rightannuls the referendum against revision of the hunting law whereas a recent law guarantees good coexistence between humans and wolves.

“It is very important – we read – It is regulated by the hunting rule joint implementation by mountaineers, farmers, foresters, conservationists, cantons and municipalities that do not threaten the wolf population and further strengthen the protection of herds”.

The press release goes on to say, “Monster-free zones are not permitted and removal of all packages is only possible in exceptional circumstances; Killing is also prohibited in non-hunting areas. The barriers to removing individual patterns are only slightly reduced is still much higher than the popularly rejected 2020 Act has expected to date. The period of regulation of worms in winter will be shortened by two months compared to the current one. Under these conditions the wolf population is no longer threatened: Thus, even with the new hunting law, this animal will thrive and remain an integral part of the local fauna.

The health of species in balance with others and with humans seems important to Swiss ecologists. It seems to us a good way to practice ecology.

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