Raphaël Corre (Chaumont VB 52) victim of social networks

It is not unusual for social networks to become an outlet for hate and stupidity by anonymous users. But when the limit is exceeded, as the captain of the Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne Raphaël Corre experienced earlier in the week, a legal response becomes essential.

Stupidity knows no bounds, especially when it can hide behind the anonymity of social networks. On Monday, January 16, the smuggler and captain of the Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne, Raphael Corret, became a victim on his personal account. instagram. After the defeat to Saint-Nazaire (3:1, January 13), some pseudo-supporters of the Cévébiste team had a hard time hiding their disappointment. But when it is combined with personal attacks, which go far beyond the framework of sports, it becomes completely inappropriate, even intolerable.

“Such remarks cannot be tolerated”After reading the messages the player received, he insulted Bruno Soirfeck, the president of the Chaumont club, and treated him. “corrupt”and added danger to his family. “We know the shortcomings of social networks, but we must react when some idiots use gratuitous, cowardly, violent and above all illegal expressions under the condition of anonymity. »

First of all, the club should clearly inform about this on the social network and complain. “Obviously, we advised our player to file a personal complaint. It certainly affected Raphael, who we strongly support. We will go to the end of the process to condemn this gratuitous violence, which is unfortunately all too common in sports circles. »

“I can’t let that happen! »

Clearly, there was a strong mobilization in support of the ceve player on social networks, but also in the form of messages addressed directly to Raphaël Corre and his family.

The rest of the competition is not ideal for the captain of the team, who in the immediate aftermath of the St. Nazaire debacle communicated his frustration with CVB 52’s current results and his desire to do anything. back (read our January 15 issue) for results more in line with the club’s ambitions. There’s no doubting his words and sincerity reflecting his current confusion on the sporting front.

“Being humiliated or insulted on social media is unfortunately our daily routine and I don’t care”honestly explains the ceve captain. “But the fact that someone went and looked for a picture of me with my son in my arms on my personal profile and wished him to die, I admit, it pissed me off at the time! Unfortunately, nowadays we find anything and everything on the nets. »

Rafael Corre also confirmed his desire to file a complaint. “I can’t allow it. I want to give an example to demonstrate that you can’t do everything by typing at the computer. » Also wanting to be assured: “My family and I are fine, but that shouldn’t stop us from going through the procedure. »

“He is not a Chaumont supporter! », he concludes. And true devotees for sure The Palestra will be able to show him a completely different support during the reception on behalf of Toulouse 17 from Saturday, January 21.e League A day.

Laurent Genin

French Cup playoff draw

Here’s the Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne put on the rails of the Coupe de France to try to defend the title it won against Tours last year. On Tuesday, January 17, at the headquarters of the French Volleyball Federation, the draw for the round of 16 was made and immediately a meeting between Cévébistes and Saint-Nazaire was offered. The two teams, who already fought last Friday (Chaumontais’ 3-set-1 loss), will meet this time on Tuesday, January 31, at the Palestra in Haut-Marne.

16th round

Cannes (LB) – Sète


Le Plessis-Montpellier

Ajaccio (LB) – Paris

CVB 52 – Saint-Nazaire

Tours – Tourcoing


Toulouse – Poitiers

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