Fantastic Beasts: Which Creature Should You Adopt?

Norbert Dragonneau’s suitcase contains socks, several shirts, and a clock that ticks very loudly. Well, then our favorite magician (sorry no Harry) activates the muggle mode of said briefcase when it arrives at the ports of New York, passing through inspection. Fantastic Beasts (2016). Because the rest of the time, our Nono does not wear clothes, but is a nature reserve for magical creatures. Horses with tentacles, reptiles with wings, big cats with thorns… Awesome.

And it has passed the (legal) stage of surprise, the question mark. Let us imagine for a moment that, in a moment of confusion, Norbert gives us custody of one of the beasts of this magical fauna. Choice, way beginning Pokemon. Which would be better to choose? Discussion room.

1. A naked, angry rattata

Oh, he is ugly, such a rat with a hairless body! There is a horror of hairless cats. But worse. “Clothes do not make the man”, some would say. Except what’s there, yes. This creature with squishy growths is as aggressive as its ominous silhouette suggests. One has only to look carefully at the terrible wound one of these demons inflicted on good old Jacob Kowalski when he tried to catch him. Of course, we are on our adoption shift.

2. Pickett, a funny stick

20 cm max sizes, lives in remote forests and looks like a vegetable version of the praying mantis? A cucumber, of course. An elegant type that plays really emotional. Take Pickett, one of its leading exponents. Always hiding in Robert Dragonneau’s pocket, demanding attention and sulking as soon as his “master” gets more than a meter away. Back. The pattern nevertheless produces certain… practical assets. Like all his people, he has a special dexterity to open any lock – he is a movie trickster. Fantastic Beasts who says we don’t. Interesting, of course. But those nimble fingers are a little pricey to be stuck with such a sensitive h24, if you ask us. It releases.

3. Demiguise, champion of stealth.

What a pain. This species has a very annoying tendency to make itself invisible just for fun. So, if you dream of making friends with one of its representatives, good luck. Finding Norbert Scamander in New York is like an impossible mission. It’s literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sharing everyday life with such an animal is uninteresting. Unless you want to use your fur to make yourself an invisibility cloak…? But here we are against the exploitation of animals. So that next.

4. Démonzémarveille, raw anguish

Boo! Great weirdness on Jacob Kowalski’s part when Nono shows him a sample of demonzémerveille. And we understand that. A simple spiked ball that you can yo-yo with in its ‘rest’ state, this half-bat, half-butterfly silhouette sports a skeletal mouth and delights in sticking its tongue into the ears of whoever comes first…swallowing their memories. It is his food, for example. Scary.

Nota Bene : using his poison erases memories. It is very practical when it comes to preparation The big apple a magical whole on the streets of the metropolis. In a more mundane setting, a precious elixir can erase the memory of it as well target how you cherish your pitiful fall the day before. The process, with the same logic (and with the same effectiveness), can be used for various excesses, confusion, blunders, etc. It is difficult to spit on such power. We demonzémerveille our cash short list animals to take home.

5. Thunderbird, Your Majesty

Surprise! Wow! Just wow! It is clear that this species throws the maximum. It looks a bit like the Porsche of magical beings with its falcon look. White feathers, four pairs of wings, amber eyes… The whole thing. And the thunderbird is not only physical, as it can sense threats of supernatural origin. As well as lightning. Interest on an individual level is not great, we agree. But think globally. In times of drought, all you have to do is wave at the animal and – boom! – it is raining heavily. A miracle? No, only the Thunderbird class. Great competitor.

6. Niffler, the prince sweeper (and therefore the big winner)

He and he alone would be adopted. What, are you surprised? OK, this creature that oscillates between a platypus, a duck and a mole doesn’t look like much. It will not help you in a combat situation and has no noticeable healing properties. Despite this. It senses, tracks and follows any bright object. It would be an example “We’re ready to do anything to get your hands on something shiny”. Nono confirms it! What to think, to admit.

With its mini size and the ability to stuff a lot of jewelry into a kangaroo pocket, the niffler is nothing less than the ultimate bandit. This is the teamOcean 11 and one Theft of money met. At least. Leave him in the bank for twenty minutes and you can count on him returning a few tens of thousands of euros to you in gold bars. We’re not Scrooge, be careful. But the prospect is tempting.

So those of you who want to show off on the back of a thunderbird, take it for granted: we leave it up to you. Without regret. As for the miscreants who intend to use the miracle demon to gain fame for themselves by erasing memories… Shame on you. We made our choice. Direction Copacabana, 5 stars, beautiful sandy beaches. And thanks niffler.

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