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“This document requested by the legislator is complete in the sense that it lists everything that Angers Loire Métropole has already implemented to deal with climate change. Everything about greenhouse gases and energy is discussed in another document. 150 partners have participated. this and we there Of course, we find citizen proposals based on the dimensions of the ecological transition. 19 of the 63 measures determined by citizens are concrete solutions to continue living in our municipalities despite global warming and its effects: tension in water supply, fire danger, shrinking and swelling of clays. …”, Corinne Bouchoux, vice president of eco-transition and mobility, explains.
This document is the Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC). (note, Monday, January 17).
The obvious is hard to deny. “The climate is changing, we have to face itcontinues the selected. Hence the idea of ​​providing us with an educational tool to share, especially with young people, so that everyone understands what our community and municipalities are undertaking and planning to do in the area.”

120 acts, 3 chapters

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan, built around three main themes, identifies 120 daily actions: one-third already completed, one-third ongoing; the final third refers to measures that need to be developed and implemented together with partners, sometimes such as higher education. As for what this Plan includes, “its reading is displayedinsists on a chosen one. All our state policy can be found there with complete logic.”

Helping new water-resistant agricultural practices, allowing rainwater to remain in the area to limit flooding from runoff, reducing dependence on drinking water supplies in the Loire, adapting infrastructure…: these are some of the areas covered by the new plan.

It revolves around three main components. First, it allows us to see how local authorities act to support the adaptation of the natural environment, protect resources and production, adapt the operation of infrastructure (water and sewage pipelines, diversification of sources of drinking water supply, etc.). “For example, there is currently an inventory of wetlands, research on rainwater or running water in rural areas. Another example: actions in the field of public transport with shading of bus stops, optimization of water consumption in tram lines, testing of alternative plant varieties, etc.”, Lists of Corinne Bouchoux.

Act on public and residential buildings and public places

The second part of PACC is more about the living conditions of each person. “In parallel with our Climate Air Energy plan, it was intended to stimulate the production of greenhouse gases in our territory. (note, voted by Angers Loire Métropole in December 2020) our activities are aimed at protecting or even improving the quality of life and health of the population in an increasingly hot climate. To do this, we will act in residential buildings, public places, services, especially for the benefit of the most vulnerable among us. A behavioral component will also be implemented to further spread the culture of risk and promote mutual aid in the event of a crisis. says the vice president. In this chapter, new actions are ready to be developed, such as the continuation of heating support in winter and summer with the Mieux chez moi platform. Or the soon-to-be-implemented Sesame project, which will allow communities to better select tree species for each urban development project.

The third part will be more specifically aimed at organizations such as public authorities or companies to help them develop their activities if necessary. For example, a short-term annual report will allow identification of extreme climate events and recorded damages, including by services. Among the measures already in place, we can mention the awareness of the elected officials who were invited to participate in the climate mural or the recent climate change adaptation conference.

“Of course, we are committed to monitoring and evaluating the implementation of this plan. Corinne Bouchoux concludes. For this we will rely on a special method developed by Ademe. This allows the trajectory of each of the 120 measures included in this Plan to be assessed and the impact achieved to be measured.

Consult the Angers Loire Métropole Climate Change Adaptation Plan

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