“The contents of each box are photographed and analyzed before shipping”

DiMuto is building one of the world’s first blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that independently generate and analyze fresh produce quality control data. Its blockchain-powered system provides objective and consistent quality control checks, real-time visibility and a superior quality control management experience. The company’s quality control solutions bring clarity to every business operation down to the individual carton level.

The company invented a solution integrated into the packaging line where each opened case is automatically photographed before being closed.

Organized, this image is uploaded to the blockchain, making the information time-sensitive and immutable. However, this is only the first step in an integrated process that will include not only the global market, but also DiMuto-authorized sales, financing, insurance, documentation and marketing services.

A setup that allows the Dimuto platform to capture images of the inside of each box in production or at the packaging station

Gary Loh is the company’s CEO and Founder: “DiMuto simplifies every step of global trade – from product, trade to market, we provide sales, marketing, operations, financing and insurance tools to help businesses trade better. By capturing data, we make global trade clearer. , we can streamline operations for greater efficiency and achieve win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.”

“The solution we invented solves data blind spots, avoids quality problems and solves business disputes. To begin with, at the farm or packing station, the system automatically takes a photo of each package. Let me assure you that installing the system is not difficult. We have artificial intelligence that analyzes the data after uploading the generated digital assets, i.e. photos taken before the box is closed, to our blockchain. »

“In this way, we help solve data blind spots throughout the beginning of trade: before the goods leave the packaging, at the box and carton level. We ensure that everything shipped has a product passport. We provide information that identifies and trusts the various parties involved in international trade and can verify quality from package to retail store. Our AI software helps to analyze the color, size and defects of fruits. Buyers, traders and retailers know the characteristics of the product they want to buy before placing an order. What we can provide is the assurance that the shipment meets the product specification the buyer is looking for, which reassures both customers and stakeholders,” enthuses Gary.

Dimuto’s digital solutions enable different parties to avoid disagreements by ensuring product transparency and traceability.

And only recently, the company expanded the scope of its services. Gary continues, “We created the DiMuto Marketplace, where all supply and tracking systems are brought together in a single online platform that users can easily navigate. Buyers can place a complete purchase order and track the products that reach them thanks to full tracking. And we look to the future! Today, banks refuse perishable goods because our business involves high risks. We help mitigate these risks by providing visibility and information. Our next step will be to add financial services and help generate cash flow for suppliers. We can help businesses overcome these risk factors. »

Asia has a huge consumer market that is growing year by year. New vendors continue to enter this market. DiMuto can be a solid and reliable place to start a new business.

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