Oil tycoon at the head of COP28

Ah, ecology, but what a scam. Be careful, I have nothing against it, I’m green, I pee in the shower, I pee in the bathroom, I pee wherever there’s water, I shouldn’t go to work in Volvic, because lemon Volvic, that piss. Besides, it might taste better because Volvic Citron is tough, when you taste it you can tell that those who designed it are not fun-loving, Protestant or neurotic. It was either Jospin or Charlotte Gainsbourg who created Lemon Volvik. I’m an environmentalist who buys 24-hour carrots, but buys organic carrots.

Yes, I ride my bike, I sort my waste, when I go to play in Nice, a right-wing city of France without Inter fans, I play in the living room of the only socialist, fashionable SM man. I go there by train to get sheets. It lasts 6 hours, in Paris-Nice, where the average age is 89, half of the people die before the finish, some keep calm in Marseille, the city where Mélenchon took 1st place in the presidential race, we do them last 1h15 more France 3 phone replays passing them. They come to Cannes, they say “well, we are at home” and there they die, we cover their bodies with pages of “politics” du Figaro, the only one in the world “Ciotti, a hope on the right?” who can write the title.

But really, we’re all rubbish greens because we’ve got a compost bin and Faquo sneakers, we feel like Rahan in leather boxers walking down the river. I once spent 3 days in Center Parc, walking through rabbit shit, making a herbarium, petting a goat, I ended up thinking I was Sandrine Rousseau, I understood because I talked more than bullshit. Ah eco gestures, what the hell, I turn down, turn off, change, you replace I turn on, this is the choreography of zouk love.

And earlier in Bande Originale, guests were well received, small bottles of water, they were told “you want coffee, otherwise we have a peeling workshop, Daniel Morin rubs his rough beard on you, 1 hour later, you die more. skin, no skin at all”. And now we give the guests a gourd with water from the river Seine, which is never washed between guests, once spitting on Depardieu’s full gastric emptying, the following 80 guests are installed on 2 grams. We all do eco-gestures and it goes a long way, look, in the US, in New York state, we can turn into human compost, after we die, be careful… Living American, doing something. Americans don’t stick to the local equivalent of Silence, like eat or swallow, grow (hence, shut up, grow), which puts it in the middle of a potato peel. But dead, we can be compost and we sometimes uncle-compost spread 7 minutes later, where we see that an uncle accepted cpke because he starts to grow 200 kilograms of pumpkin.

In fact, we spend our time feeling guilty, I took a taxi yesterday, and I was asked, “Where are you going?” he said, “nowhere, I’m worried about the environment, I’m afraid of pollution” I answered. at 7 in the morning, I stayed in the car without moving in front of the house, I bought 600 euros with the meter ticking, I took a picture in my underwear on the street, which I tried to sell to Closer, because I thought so. It was very stupid to hide in front of my house without giving me money, they didn’t want that. They told me “it doesn’t want you”, I answered on the phone that I pretended to be Christophe Bechu (he is the minister) to go undercover, I answered “but anyway, this is Pastureo. In addition, I grew underwear”, “was it cold?” I was asked, “no, why?” I answered.

In short, we the little ones, we the locals, are there to eat locally, to be so white from the Seine-et-Marne they look like Prince William’s teeth, while the states do nothing, neither the industrialists, nor the airlines, not even the noise pollution. 2 months ago there was NRJ Music Awards. And then, expert degree in ghoul foutage, there’s COP28 in Dubai next November, so we’re already feeling it’s a bad bar, Dubai, the dumbest place in the world to live, Emirs masturbating while watching influencers, experimenting with pubic hair removal . cream.

But the only value people have above all else is oil dollars, so at the head of their COP, ecology, they appointed Sultan Ahmed Al Jabir, president of the national oil company of the United Arab Emirates. It was as if PPDA was touring colleges to explain the concept of consent to young people. It’s as if the prod told TF1 “listen, you’ll be happy, this season we’ve got Houellebecq, Jean Lassalle, Chantal Goya, and anvil” when choosing candidates for Ninja Warrior.

The rest to listen and find in the video!

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