Yair Golan: One of our goals is to collapse the Israeli economy

The organizers of the protest against the planned changes in the Netanyahu-Levin justice system can achieve at least one success after more than 80 thousand people. etccame to a demonstration in Tel Aviv yesterday (Saturday). and Thousands more in Jerusalem and Haifa.

The organizers of the protest indicate that this will not be the end of the protest – and Former Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan He clarified in an interview with Ynet Radio one of the goals was to stop the economy.

Yair Golan said: “I call to wake up one morning and use widely the two tools available to citizens who see that they no longer live in a democracy: the right to demonstrate and the right to strike.”

“We will demonstrate and protest more intensively, not only on Saturday evening. Until this evil government realizes that democracy cannot simply be abolished, the economy will be crippled..”

Yair Golan warned: “The lawyers’ strike is just the beginning. In turn, more and more sectors will say, “Thank you very much, we are not ready for them to steal our country and not cooperate with it.”

Golan added “I served in the Israeli army for 38 years. sometimes public policy was acceptable to me, sometimes not, but I always felt that I was loyal to the system because decisions were made democratically and the people who made them were democratically elected. This country is fair and decent, not perfect, and I accept the system and therefore the decisions.

But here something completely different is happening – ithis is actually a government coup that turned Israel into a dictatorship, and we are not ready to live in a dictatorship..

The elections were democratic, but the government’s decisions are illegitimate. Therefore, we will fight with all our strength.”

Yair Golan Likud voters and People wearing yarmulkes also participated in yesterday’s demonstration. who told him they were not ready for a coup.

According to him, “Levy has initial feelings of hostility towards the justice system. He doesn’t understand it and try to eliminate or perfectly understands and his intention is for Israel to be a dictatorship“. Meaning Levy’s reform is that the executive and legislative branches will have unlimited power. without checks and balances. A democracy without checks and balances is not a democracy.”

On the other hand, Likud Knesset member Moshe Saada told Ynet Radio that “I respect the opinion of the protesters, but here is an attempt to intimidate and threaten by the legitimate junta.”

I would not have expected Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut to use the words “crush” and “beat”. I expected a conversation between civilized people.

Yariv Levin wants to talk, but instead of talking we hear inappropriate expressions. I have already said that the supreme president who speaks in this way has no right to continue his position. His activity as a civil servant is prohibited.

According to Saada, “The reform will turn the Court into an institution that reflects Israeli society. We will have a privilege. to see national, eastern judges, but also people with a leftist agenda.

The Supreme Court will reflect Israeli society and what is right and restore public trust. By the way, the majority of 61 in the Knesset is not a simple majority, and we are in Likud. we will oppose any discriminatory laws because we are left wing as well as right wing.

Labor Knesset member Efrat Reiten said that in the previous government, Justice Minister Gideon Saar created a committee whose members were representatives of all sides of the coalition.

Despite police briefings and threats from Minister Itamar Ben Gvir yesterday, no violence was reported during the protest.

Many of the leaders dispersed before the speeches ended, with some holding a torchlight procession nearby and others marching down Kaplan Street past the government building.

About 200 protesters arrived at the Peace Junction and tried to move into Ayalo’s lane for several minutes, but to no avail. Some entered He tried to go to Ayalon from the underground parking lot in Azrieli Mall and was arrested by police officers.. The last of the protesters then began to march down Begin Road before dispersing.

Itamar Ben Gvir said this morning that “the Israeli police did a good job by allowing freedom of demonstration He did not allow Ayalo’s roads to be blocked. I have ordered the police to have the same policy of patience and dialogue with the general public.”

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