Victoria’s incredible fortune, the face of luxury brands

Victoria Carratier from Agen lends her image for the covers of magazines and luxury brands, embodying her Florentine silhouette and extreme beauty.

Finding 28-year-old Victoria Carratien, a healthy girl bored with art and literature, at the prestigious Metropolitan Models agency, and then at Karin Models, which brings together the biggest top models on the planet, but they just broke up. On earth, growing outdoors in the villages of Puymirolaise, he also has a penchant for painting. He also followed the L course at Palissy, where visual arts predominated.

Family, its basis

In his reconstituted family, his unshakable base – a brother of five children who like to get together regularly – he saw himself more in terms of the strong artistic sensibility between his father, a former advertising executive, and his mother, a graphic designer. they became sculptors and painters. He developed not in a bohemian environment, but until the age of 18 with a framework and strict rules, solid values: “We are already incubating.” A friend from high school, now a famous photographer and author, Alice Leveque, will photograph her, and her pictures will be noticed by Bordeaux model agencies and other photographers who dream of capturing this angelic face and this graceful body. But when Victoria studied Info-Com journalism in Bordeaux, she was not yet involved in the industry. In a thousand places, his interest is directed to Roland Barthes’s “La Chambre claire, note sur la photographie”, which will be a trigger, and his sentimental feelings are intoxicated by the book “Fragments d’un discours amour”.

At the same time, qualified work as a food model for ready-to-wear on the Internet is being scratched: “There I learned to pose, I was interested in styling, lights. But I had in my heart to complete my degree. Fashion is full of prejudices, but creativity fascinated me very quickly. I got to know myself .at 1.72m it was out of the question to parade, but I was playing with the lens. I immediately felt comfortable on the sets. I must admit. , a little stressful, but I was excited by the inspiring aspect of the training. I like this acting mixed with dancing, quite a developed body here we have consciousness, you learn to act. After my bachelor’s degree, I started modeling full time. then I signed with an agency in Paris, as well as in London, Madrid and Milan. I lived in Paris for 4 years and now I live between Bordeaux and Paris, where I feel good. Sometimes I do salons and fittings ( trying to wear clothes before marketing) Louis Vuitton, Philippe Lim, Zimme for rman. I worked for Schwarzkopf in Germany, in Condé Nast group magazines in Spain, in London and in cosmetics brand Revlon,” he concludes.

Victoria likes to be bold, shake her image, what she conveys as a fantasy: “I imagine very quickly what the brand or the client might ask me, the attitude, the style.”

When it appears, it radiates its presence. A wide smile on his lips, an arrogant headstone, occupies the whole place. From the beginning, a simple girl like “The girl next door”, but we feel her high potential, it can be charming or sexy, chic and personified femininity. A complex mixture of cold beauty – in the noble sense of the term – and the beauty of the Devil, magnetic with green-gray eyes. The morning grace of sensitivity. A stone in its purest form.

Her body is occupied by yoga, Pilates, boxing, cycling and running. An energy he describes as an overflow and necessary discipline, traveling a lot without taking time to eat. “But between shots, I always have books, I feed myself intellectually. I’m currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, I’m not crazy about personal development, but I was amazed there.”

The Chinese under his spell

Coveted by major luxury brands, she recounts how a Chinese billionaire who posed for pictures in a castle took her to China to be a source of inspiration for a launch party: “I didn’t suspect the scope of the event. I saw myself in front of it. It consisted of huge screens and 8,000 people in a 6m-high cage. Before the big concert, she did the show wearing white clothes. I opened it. Fans wanted to approach me even though they didn’t know me the day before. It was funny, almost surreal.”

The young woman praises the confidence of clients, sometimes entrusts fatigue as an “emotional sponge” and awakens anticipation and weight loss less and less. It gets its strength from the chameleon’s side, adaptability, intelligence of situations. He has collaborated for the Mexican jewelry store, Chaumet and Dior, and designed the covers of Official China, Arabia and Switzerland…

In the morning of 2023, he is building a solo career with the support of an agent and yearning for a new lease of life.

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