Maeva Ghennam: biography, events, photos of Maeva Ghennam

Celebrities with more than three million followers on social networks, like all celebrities, are obliged to carefully study the way they appear in public. For Maeva Ghennam, who has nearly 3.5 million followers on her Instagram account, it was a matter of getting involved and promoting herself to the general public. People of Marseilles 2018. Who is he and how did he become so famous? How did he make his fortune and what were his recent performances? Find the answers in the rest of our portrait.

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Before becoming Greg Yega’s partner, Maeva Ghennam worked away from the cameras and her work did not bring her as much income as she was able to earn after several appearances on television. Being one of the candidates People from Marseille, the young woman saw her life completely changed and became a popular character whose fame extended beyond the world of reality TV. Maeva Ghennam and her husband Maeva Ghennam have been the center of attention for quite a few people, especially since the couple earns a living mainly through their appearances in front of the cameras.

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Introducing Maeva Ghennam

Full name Maeva Melissa Sam Ghennam
Nickname Maeva Ghennam
Date of birth May 14, 1997
Birthplace Marseille
Astrological sign Taurus
Actions reality show contestant
Emission Marseillais: Australia (in 2018)
to cut 1.62 m
Weight 72 kg
mate Greg Yega

Biography of Maeva Ghennam: Her Birth and First Steps to Fame

Especially popular among the younger generation in France, the new stars have a reputation comparable to the richest rappers, but before gaining a large number of fans, Maeva Ghennam, of course, did not know what the future awaited her. However, bold and determined to enter the world of celebrities by one means or another, born in Marseille in 1997, he earned all his ambitions in his hometown.

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The reality TV contender has been unknown to the public since 2018, the year she first appeared on television in a widely watched program. At the age of 21, Maeva Ghennam has become so successful that people who know her name can live in their own cities. The celebrity ratio is incomparable to before 2018, when Maeva Gennam was a dental assistant and less famous.

Maeva Ghennam
Photo: Eric Fuger
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Maeva Ghennam’s journey: her first job and her vision for the future

After her teenage years, the young woman began to better prepare for the future, and although she did not yet see glory in it, she continued to believe in a better future. Maeva Ghennam studied perfumery alongside her work as a dentist and wanted to pursue a career in the industry. But a few years later, the young woman knew that she was also in front of the cameras, where she could earn a living.

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We discovered the uniqueness of the young woman on television, and it continues to surprise us with the evolution of her behavior since 2018. Maeva Ghennam is participating in the show for the first time People of Marseilles In 2018, the season that took place in Australia. Then they invite him to appear Marseillais against the rest of the worldand this while playing other seasons from 2018 to 2022 MarseilleAs in the Asian tour and finally from where he was dismissed in Dubai.

Activity of Maeva Ghennam: its appearance and sources of income

Few reality TV contestants have smartly thought about the future, using their money to make profitable investments, and the young woman is one of them because she always thinks about the future. Some became businessmen and women, while others ventured into sports betting and cryptocurrencies when Maeva Ghennam opted to create her own cosmetics brand. Maeva Ghennam in Nabilla’s company is one of the highest-paid reality TV candidates in France.

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Apart from its profitable activity in emissions People of Marseilles, Moreover, Maeva Ghennam, who has even released a rap song, wants to be involved on several levels and is therefore increasing her activities. It does product placements wherever it can and thus earns a nice fortune added to what it collects as money. Thanks to his earnings, entrepreneurship has become an easy business Maeva Ghennam Beauty is her cosmetic brand.

Maeva Ghennam
Photo: Eric Fuger
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Personal life of Maeva Ghennam: relationship with candidate Gerg Yega

The story of reality show contestants who are united in romantic relationships is repeated over and over again People of Marseilles, several contestants have bonded with each other, for better or for worse. Maeva Gennam met Greg Yeha while filming for the show W9and connection love-hate-love It’s still going strong with a lot of surprises connecting them. The evolution of this high-profile relationship between Marva Gennam and Greg Yega was watched live by millions of viewers.

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Away from the cameras, the two stars of reality TV are still in a relationship, and Maeva Ghennam visited the hospitalized children in Marseille with her partner. Maeva Ghennam is very proud of this move she made with Greg Yega and the couple is now happy to be seen on the show People of Marseilles this continues. The emotion is always there for Maeva gGhennam and Greg Yega, who share a life full of action.

Maeva Ghennam pregnant: news among several rumours

The relationship of the star has passed in front of the cameras Marseille it is stable with its companion and this is visible even when the floodlights are off. This is evidenced when he can share his stories on social networks and does not hesitate to convey a beautiful image of his couple. In the news shared by Maeva Ghennam on Instagram, she will be pregnant and could give birth to her first child soon.

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However, the news was not delivered directly to the star’s followers. Marseille On the Instagram network. After the candidate revealed that he was in the grip of stomach pains, the questions followed each other. Maeva Ghennam decided to play with words, but several fans, thinking they understood what was going on, responded to their questions on whether or not Maeva Ghennam is really pregnant. With this, Maeva was able to tone down the rumors about her relationship with Gennam Gerg Yega.

Maeva Ghennam’s relationship: how she attracts attention around her

The appearances of the reality TV candidate on television do not end with his adventure People of Marseilles. And it continues to conquer the screens with its appearance Fifty, and was able to put to rest some of the rumors that Maeva Ghennam, who was suspected of treason, was also having an affair with Boli. After a blog post detailing how the TV star had threesomes with two men at the same time, it was hard to quell the rumors.

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According to the article in question, Maeve Ghennam would be in a relationship with someone she thought was her ex, as several fans believed. But Maeve would be in a relationship with Ghennam Boli and Greg Yeega at the same time, feeling love for each of them. Maeva Ghennam is in the center of interest because she knows how to answer the questions of Internet users and open debates, as she did during her criticisms from Booba on Instagram.

Maeva Ghennam
Photo: Eric Fuger
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What happened at Maeva Ghennam’s grandmother’s house: bullets aimed at her family

In addition to all the news the TV star has left behind, others are adding to her rise to fame beyond the confines of reality TV. Even if it was a serious incident, Maeva made Ghennam even more popular, especially with people who don’t watch the same show. People of Marseilles. The incident took place at Maeva Ghennam’s grandmother’s house in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille and saw the use of a firearm, prompting an investigation into the matter.

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This investigation is still being carried out in the 14th district of Marseille and Maeva Ghennam is waiting for the answer of justice. The incident caused unrest among Maeva Ghennam’s relatives, who felt that they were the target of her bullets, fortunately not hitting her grandmother’s house. Those around her were shocked and even though Maeva Ghennam is a resident of Dubai, the incident affected her conscience because she felt that her family was not protected enough.

Facts you need to know

  1. Maeva Gennam was born in 1997 in Marseille.
  2. Maeva Ghennam is known for her television appearances.
  3. Maeva Ghennam participated in the show The Marseille from 2018.
  4. Maeva Ghennam is Greg Yoga’s partner.
  5. Maeva Gennam and Greg Yoga met during filming Marseille.
  6. Maeva Gennam hinted that she is pregnant.
  7. Maeva Ghennam thrives on the attention of her fans.


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