Lion Stallion Show 2023: summary, videos and photos

This Saturday, January 14, 2023, at the Lion d’Angers Racecourse (49), the Lion Stallions Show draws almost 1,500 people from all over France to attend this largest gathering of stallions in the world, with 65 carriages and stallions. it was full. were introduced, their synopsis, videos and large photo gallery can now be found below.


After a “non-materialized” edition in 2021 due to the health crisis, and another edition in 2022 with barrier gestures in force, the Lion d’Angers Stallion Show could finally be held under normal conditions this Saturday. January 14, 2023, once again in the heart of Men-et-Loire, in the charming setting of the Isle-Briand racecourse. Organized jointly by the Western association AQPS, ASSELCO (Association of Western Racehorse Breeders) and SEPT (Union Particuliers de Trotteurs of Stallions), the event continues to grow in popularity year after year. did not participate. Indeed, about 1,500 people, after driving for several hours sometimes in the rain and wind, went to Anjou to see and admire the 65 stallions (11 colts and 54 chapar, editor’s note) presented during the course of the day, and so on. for growers, make their breeding plans for the coming season a little more specific.

Around 1,500 people will travel to the Isle-Briand racecourse this Saturday, January 14, to take part in the 2023 Lion Stallion Show, which brings together 65 colts and gallops from the west, but also some from the South West, Central East and Normandy.

If some of these 65 “gentlemen” and structures from the West, Southwest, Center-East and/or Normandy are loyal regulars of this event, others were participating for the first time. Carvin farmhosted by Amber and Gregory Vayrewho came to present three new stallions to the general public (Keiai Maritime, Nerium and Van Beethoven), whom sumbeenterprise Nurlan Bizakovthe “king” was represented by a stallion Voice recorderor a Breton one Genekin Westwho in turn sent Daily, Knight to watch and Honolulu. On the crotch side, Davidson duPontchampion Jean-Yves Districtwinner of last year’s Prix América (Gr.1) Vincennes, also presented for the first time at the Salon des Étalons du Lyon and has not failed. offering him a nice round of applause as he left the ring.

Davidson du Pont, winner of the Amerique Prix (Gr.1) at Vincennes as guest of honor at this 2023 Lion Stallion Show

Thanks to meticulous organization led by a huge team of volunteers, the Salon des Étalons du Lion, the largest gathering of thoroughbreds in the world, has reaffirmed its reputation as an unmissable event in the horse racing industry. strong activity in the ring, a good number of stallions, including several young/new ones, also nearby, in the village of the show, both at the riding stations and at the food vendors, equipment, insurance, etc., where many contracts are carefully negotiated. drawn and signed with joy and good humor over a drink and some great snacks. What makes you want to come back in 2024!


Welcome to the Racecourse of Isle-Briand in Anjou for the 2023 Lion Stallion Show!

The event is jointly organized by the Western association AQPS, ASSELCO (Association of Western Racehorse Breeders) and SEPT (Syndicat des Étalonniers Particuliers de Trotteurs) and with the support of many other partners

There is no time to waste: let’s grab a catalog and discover the 65 colts and gallopers participating in this 2023 Lion Stallion Show.

The stallions are here, with the beauties Clovis du Berlais

The stallions rush to parade in the ring

And let’s go to the presentations

The most attentive audience, in the center…

… to the right…

… and to the left

Dailyone of three stallions presented by Genequine Ouest during this event

Arnaud Poirier, in his best as a commentator, pleases Tangi Saliou, host of Haras de la Haie Neuve

TexasNew Haras du Hoguenet recruitment for the 2023 season

People in the corridors of the fair village

“On the Trail of Ready Cash” is a great book to get your hands on without further delay

Cover sales are going well in the stallion stands

Andrée Cyprès and Philippe Thiriet (Haras de Cercy) are no doubt about to finalize one or more deals.

Never plan your ride on an empty stomach

After the mulled wine break, back to the stallion presentations

The young and lively Gregory Wyre, host of Karwin Farm in Orne, entered the Lion Stallion Show for the first time as a stallion.

In the eyes of the people

I will send one or more of my mares Free Port Lux ? That’s the question!

Free Port Luxlook here!

Sir Ron Priestley and Nicolas Simon (Haras du Saz), all superb

Voice recorderthe late Her Majesty the Queen of England’s stallion traveled to Anjou from her base at Sumbe on the Orne.

An audience that is growing day by day

Really more

In the stands, we are busy with the Haras de la Haie Neuve side…

… as in the Haras de Toury, by the way

We also know how to welcome our running friends

Place reserved for crotch, with full eruption

Dark, generous, majestic… Ladies and gentlemen: Stanislas Foucault and Mario Gussago (ARGANA)

While some young people like to go to clubs, others like to ride in buckets: quite a concept!

Need advice on custom crosses? Friend Thierry Grandsir (DNA Pedigree) is here to enlighten you!

François Thomas (Haras du Lion), sales manager who knows how to market

It was good to spend time at the Pascacheval stand…

… as in the same Horse Breed!

Once not customary in Anjou, the bar will turn well during the day

Meeting potential suitors of my mares

“I think I’ll send you a couple of things, I”

Stallion riders take care of their horses

In the recreation area

Jean de la Guillonière (Haras de la Rousselière), all smiles despite the rain

In full view

King Edwardsnack time is eagerly waiting for the guests

It was on the eyes of many Mare Australisa stallion making his Haras de la Hetraie debut this season

The new stallion is now naughty in front of the lenses!

At the end of the day, the presentation poster of the Salon des Étalons du Lyon 2023 by the excellent cartoonist Joyeux was sold at auction.

And after a fierce battle, it was Arnaud Poiret who finally left with him. A canvas that will look great on the walls of the bridal suite!

Motamarris (Haras du Mazet) expertly managed by George Haine will also be a crowd pleaser during this event.

Nelly de la Guillonnière, empress when the winners of the draw for free half covers were announced

We leave each other in a beautiful cabrette Yafta… and see you next year at the 2024 Lion Stallion Show!

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