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Satellite images at three-week intervals around Tongzhou Crematorium on Langfang Road, southeast Beijing. The more recent photo to the right shows the flow of cars to the new parking lot. Images taken by Westminster, Colorado-based space technology company Maxar Technologies show the same activity around crematoria in Nanjing, Chengdu and Kunming.


Data originating from China via social networks where Internet users use VPN devices to avoid detection and semantic tricks to evade censorship [1]is disturbing.

On December 23, Bloomberg News and the Financial Times cited a confidential Party source who disclosed the contents of the December 21 meeting of the National Public Health Commission, without confirming it. During the first 20 days of December, 250 million people were infected with the virus. If the data were correct, the explosion of cases – 18% of China’s population – would constitute the most meteoric expansion of the pandemic to date.

But while emergency rooms are overflowing and queues outside pharmacies are long to buy out-of-stock antipyretics (a box of Beijing-authorized Pfizer’s Paxlovid sells for more than 10,000 yuan 1,380 on the black market), officially, deaths have never been linked to the pandemic. not related.

In early January, the WHO accused Beijing of undermining the recent resurgence of the pandemic by narrowing the definition of death from Covid-19. During a press conference in Geneva on January 4, its managing director Tedros Ghebreyesus called for more transparency. ” We continue to call on China for faster, more regular and more reliable data on hospitalizations and deaths, as well as a more complete viral ranking in real-time. “.

Finally, on January 14, for the first time since the lifting of restrictions, National Health Commission Chairman Jiao Yahui acknowledged the truth of the death toll. According to him, 59,918 patients died from December 8 to January 12. Of them, 5,503 are directly caused by respiratory disorders, and 54,435 are the result of secondary diseases, cancer or cardiovascular diseases.

Excess mortality of the elderly.

Shortly after a wave of protests against the over-incarceration, which gauged the risks of a new wave of dangerous pollution for the elderly, the government issued a directive planning to vaccinate the over-80s.


There are more. In the old Confucian empire, where respect for elders was a cultural mainstay, it is the older, poorly vaccinated generations who are paying the heaviest price for this new wave. Among them, a Nikkei Asia article dated January 12 states. brains », researchers of the Academy of Social Sciences or the Academy of Engineering Sciences over the age of eighty.

Although CNN has reported several Western media outlets showing the recent increase in activity around crematoriums, the number of daily cremations of elderly teachers’ remains in Fujian is ten times higher than the normal rate.

At a time when the number of deaths among young people is low and many of them are in the process of returning to normal life, the high rate of victims among the elderly remains high, in addition to the low number of deaths among young people, it also highlights the consequences of mistakes in the social protection strategy of young people. power.

There are no official figures. But” work units Unit – Danwei -” and universities disseminate reliable nominative information about the deceased. The names of professors who died in universities are posted and published on the Internet. For example, in Dalyan, on January 3, a university in the city published the names of 25 missing professors.

After summarizing the data, it shows that the number of university retirees who died this year is 3-6 times higher than the indicators of previous years, depending on the region.
According to Nikkei Asia, lawyers from several parts of China have signed a petition titled. save the adults “. appeals to the central government and urges those in power to take immediate measures to import massively from abroad” effective means and manufactures them under license in China as much as possible.

The warning may have been partially heard. Chang Zhaorui, a researcher at the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), first proposed a hypothesis at a press conference on January 11, quoted by Frédéric Lemaitre of China’s Le Monde newspaper. restoring traffic control in certain closed places such as stations, supermarkets and institutions that care for children, the elderly and the mentally ill.

But the approach from a scientist broadcast by state television is less brutal this time. Concerned about not giving the impression of losing their judgment by another untimely helm, the authorities, fueled by protests in late November, currently only “recommend” that visitors present a negative test less than 48 hours.


[1] The camouflage strategy for sensitive words that are immediately targeted by identification software is not new. It takes advantage of the gap in spoken language, the weakness in sounds where homophones are legion.

Censors are not fooled. In mid-July 2022, the management of the giant social network Weibo 微博 issued a press release saying that they would resort to hunting themselves for using “homophones and others” to guarantee “the health and civility of exchanges”. “typing errors that try to get out of control to publish low quality content”. »

Some examples of the most commonly used tricks to bypass the “great firewall” of censorship 阘火长城. To refer to Xi Jinping, we use 系 贻 瓶 Xi Jin Ping (squeeze the bottle tightly). Human management is not wrong here. But a program that only identifies characters is blind and misses the point. So we’re talking about 35 to talk about June 4, when the Tiananmen massacre happenede may day” Wu San Wu 五三五 – 535 -. »

We use a Chinese translation to evoke the collapse of corruption and the lies of Henan banks that ban their customers from accessing their accounts (read: Banking disruption, real estate crisis amid corruption. Socio-economic tobacco crackdown). “Dutch Bank” with pronunciation close to Henan “谷南” 铁行 ” Helen » Yinghang.

Sometimes homophony is a simple way to relieve anxiety through humor. Among them, positive cases are called ” Yang, sheep 羊” homophone of 阳 Yang (性 Xing), covid have become a “sheep”. ? has become both a shrill and ironic way of greeting each other.

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