Cold, rain, snow… This week, winter weather will hit the country again

Troubled weather is announced for this new week. In the second half of January, the cold will return, accompanied by rain, snow and wind.

After an unusually mild start to the year, winter is set to return. According to Météo France, temperatures started to drop this weekend and this trend will continue in most of the country next week, with cold, rain and snow in some places.

If this market marks a return to seasonal normals, Météo France indicates that the coolness will only increase next week before it settles down. But this week will also be marked by particularly turbulent weather due to the passage of depression Gerard from the northwest on Sunday evening.

Northwest Quarter on Orange Alert

24 departments in the west were also placed on orange alert on Monday due to the risk of “severe winds”, as well as “snow and ice”. This cold weather is expected to last until at least the middle of the week.

As such, significant winds are expected Sunday into Monday night, especially along the Atlantic coast, as well as low-elevation snow. These snowflakes will fall first in the Northeast on Monday, with showers in the foothills of the Pyrenees and most of the country during the day on Monday. A trend that will continue even if clears are seen across the Mediterranean as well as the Channel coast in the afternoon. As for mercury, it will be 5-7° in the northern half and 7-12° in the south.

Météo France is also expecting a “deepening depression” in the Bay of Biscay on Tuesday, which could lead to gale-force winds on the western front. This trough could bring significant new rain and snow in the center of the country, especially in the Paris region or even at low altitudes in the Alps.

Temperatures will continue to drop on Tuesday, with temperatures as far north as Lille or Belfort between 2 and 3°C expected. Only the Mediterranean coast and the Lyon region will still see some mildness, with temperatures around 8-10°C.

Cold and snow is expected on Tuesday

Wednesday will be drier, with the exception of the Pyrenees, Vosges and Alps, where snow is expected at higher altitudes, as well as the Atlantic coast, where rain may fall in the afternoon. The cold will intensify: 0-1°C is expected in Amiens, Reims or Vichy. It will be between 5 and 6°C across the Atlantic, between -1°C and 10°C in the Center and between 7 and 10°C between Nice and Perpignan.

All mountain ranges will see snow at fairly low elevations, the weather forecast agency said, expecting “significant accumulations everywhere, down to the lowest elevations.” Only the Southern Alps should be slightly off. According to Météo France, snow should be abundant west of the Massif Central, north of the Alps and west of the Pyrenees.

On Thursday, the mercury will continue to fall, especially in the south, where we risk losing a few degrees in the morning. In the north, in the Paris region and in the center of the country, it will be between -2°C and 1°C, and in the Alps, temperatures may drop below -8°C. Across the Mediterranean it will now be between 1 and 3°C, but in bright sunshine. The north-western region of the country will also be affected by this sunshine during the day.

Drier weather for the weekend

Between Thursday and Friday, from Grand-Est to Sud-Ouest will be affected by diagonal clouds and grey, and the whole west of the country (from Normandy to the Pyrenees) will rain on Friday. In the afternoon it should be between 2 and 3°C in central and northern France, especially in Paris. And elsewhere, the temperature will be milder: because in Brittany, along the Atlantic coast or in the south, between 7 and 10 ° C is expected.

Finally, there should be some sunshine in the east of the country next weekend, from the north through the Alps to the Mediterranean coast, but there is also a noticeable chill. It should be -5°C in the morning in Grand Est and -10°C in the Alps. It will be milder in the west, with 7°C in Cherbourg and 9°C in Brest or Biarritz in the morning.

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