Baccara Lodge: a nature adventure

At the heart of the top-class bed and breakfast in Arengosse, Lyonnaise Audrey Baccara advocates virtuous ecotourism, which she likes to share with her visitors.

Explore the area just a stone’s throw from the Arjuzanx National Reserve… This is what Baccara Lodge offers, a charming guesthouse, lodge and events venue located in the village of Arengosse. At its head, Audrey Baccara prepares special stays and takes her guests to take “forest baths” or to visit the Arjuzanx nature reserve and discover 1,000 hidden gems of the Haute Lande.

For the past five years, the entrepreneur has launched this new concept, driven by what he describes as an “eco-positive” approach to welcoming his visitors and making them aware of more virtuous behavior.

“We don’t have to be in the Ayatollah regime, we can find effective solutions while making some concessions,” he assures. So there is no risk of landing in a cabin without water or electricity. We are staying in this beautifully renovated former 19th century manor house on one acre of wooded grounds. With five double bedrooms personalized with antiques or salvaged items, this beautiful building features eco-responsibility, combining comfort, natural latex bedding and aesthetics. The bed and bath linens are made from organic cotton, and the soaps and body care products are handmade in Landes. Even the paint is natural here. Audrey Baccara explains: “I make cleaning products and, when visitors wish, I offer workshops on creating a zero-waste or laundry room to get them started.”

“We have to reinvent TOURISM OF SABAHIN »

When not organizing workshops, Audrey Baccara continues to be a business manager and communicator. He is very busy with local life, he is busy with his mandate as a municipal councilor and a member of the tourism bureau. “I’m trying to do things my way, trying to think of new types of vacations with tourism players for four seasons. We need to reinvent the tourism of tomorrow, taking into account the vagaries of climate change. »

Activities that leave little free time for this young 37-year-old entrepreneur. If she’s not at the market meeting local producers, she’s maintaining her home, her permaculture vegetable garden, or revisiting the great classics of Landes cuisine to serve elegant and healthy meals at masa d’hotes. “I like to cook and I used to cook for dozens of friends every weekend, it didn’t change me much! »

The idea of ​​a lodge is also part of these evenings spent with friends in Lyon, where he is. “We were recreating the world, complaining a lot about the environmental situation, but I was tired of doing nothing. And then I no longer found meaning in my professional life. I no longer wanted to be in a system that I helped fuel. »

Le Baccara Lodge, a renovated former 19th-century manor house on a hectare of land © Bernard Dugros


Fueled by Pierre Rabhi’s books, Cyril Dion’s films and Chris Smith’s documentary “The Collapse” about the collapse of the world economy and its consequences for humanity, Lyonnaise decided to leave a brilliant marketing career in a large company to open a lodge. and raising awareness of the seriousness of the environmental situation.

When he thinks about the ideal place, his love for Landes comes back to him. “You will end up in the Landes!” ”, said her niece when she came to surf in Seignosse with the girls. “But I was dreaming of New York at that time! he laughs.

Baccara Lodge

© Bernard Dugros

He studies the area, the economy, his surroundings through a magnifying glass and therefore chooses Arengosse, 1 hour from Bordeaux and Biarritz and 20 minutes from Mont-de-Marsan, to be closer to nature. And thanks to a family inheritance, a young woman manages to buy an old mansion to open a luxury bed and breakfast. The first periods are complicated. Audrey Baccara is alone in managing and learning the traditions of this Landes area. Sometimes forced to suspend his beliefs, he generously accepts Landes’ meals, such as foie gras served at his table. Audrey puts all her heart into this human adventure: “The idea is to be able to respond to the wishes of people who want to stay calm. I did it not to make money, but to relate to living beings. Learning to care for each other is the whole point. He speaks with honesty and kindness, appeals to convince, warns that he can easily change his consumption and habits.

Now supported by her partner Mickaël, Audrey prepares winter weekends for her visitors. For example, they will be able to have a unique experience in the heart of Arjuzanx reserve to discover common cranes.

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