Watch out for frost this week!

➤ Sunday, January 15: Your Sunday promises to be messy. In the morning we will find an overcast sky. Temporarily low clouds or fog may form in the direction of the Rhone. The sky will then become cloudy and completely covered in the afternoon. A few drops are not excluded. Then, by the end of the day, sunny spells will appear from the northwest and become common.

A moderate wind will blow in the morning. Then the mistral will increase in the afternoon with winds of 50 km/h in the plains and 60 km/h in the high altitudes. It will weaken again in the evening.

■ Minimum temperatures: 3-4°C throughout the Rhône valley, 3°C around Vaison and Enclave. Cooler in the Comtat with 1 to 2°C in Carpentras, but also around the Luberon with a few frosts. Also very cool in Tulurenz and 0-1°C in the Albion Plateau.

For Ventoux: 0°C at Mont Serein and -1°C at the summit.

■ Maximum temperatures: 12 or even 13°C in the western plains as far as the Drôme, 12°C at the foot of the Ventoux and around the Luberon. 7°C to 10°C on the Albion Plateau.

4°C is expected on Mont Serein and 2°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Chance of rain: 30%.

■ Reliability: 90%.

➤ On Monday, January 16, we will be affected by a light rain in the plains starting in the morning. Light snow will affect reliefs only from 700 m. We expect 2 to 5 cm on the Albion Plateau and 10 cm on Ventoux. For cumulative rainfall: 3 to 5 mm.

In the afternoon, the clearings will be nice on the plains, and the clouds will still be very present in the reliefs. A few snow showers are still expected, but rarer than in the morning.

Light wind.

■ Minimum temperatures: stationary compared to the previous day, but still above seasonal norms: 1 to 3°C on the plain, -1 to -2°C on the Albion Plateau and -4°C on the summit from Ventoux.

■ Maximum temperature: 8 to 10°C on the plain, 2 to 5°C on the Albion Plateau, 0°C on Mont Sere and -3°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Chance of rain: 100%.

■ Reliability: 80%.

➤ On Tuesday, January 17, the weather will be very similar to the previous day, and a new disturbance is expected in the morning. Light rains will fall on the plains, and snow will fall only from a height of 400 m. In the afternoon, gentle cleanings will cover the entire department. There are still clouds in the terrain with the risk of a few flakes. The wind will moderate.

■ Minimum temperatures: 0 to 3°C on the plain, -3°C on the Albion Plateau, -3°C on Mont Sere and -6°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Maximum temperatures: 6-9°C on the plain, 2-5°C on the Albion Plateau, -1°C on Mont Serein and -4°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Chance of rain: 80%.

■ Reliability: 70%.

➤ In the morning of Wednesday, January 18, the sky will be mostly clear. Then in the afternoon, a cloud cover will come from the west. It will be summarized for the entire department in the evening. Be aware of the occasional heavy frosts and the risk of icing that can be expected in the terrain. The return of the Mistral in the evening in the Rhone Valley

■ Minimum temperatures: -2 to 0°C on the plain, -7°C on the Albion Plateau, -7°C on Mont Sere and -9°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Maximum temperatures: 6-8°C on the plain, 1-3°C on the Albion Plateau, -3°C on Mont Serein and -8°C on Mont Ventoux.

■ Chance of rain: 30%.

■ Reliability: 60%.

The trend from January 19 to 22, 2023:

A sunny weekend ahead. But the air temperature will be in winter and will be much lower than normal for the season. The presence of severe frosts locally. But the mistral will continue to blow at 60-70 km/h in the Rhône valley at least through the weekend. Winds, which will often go towards the reliefs of the East, will become less and less strong.

➤ Thursday 19 and Friday 20

■ Minimum temperatures: 0°C in the Rhone valley, -2 to -5°C elsewhere in the plains, -8°C in the Albion plateau, -10°C in Ventoux.

■ Maximum temperatures: around 4-6°C in the plains, 0°C in the Albion Plateau, down to -8°C in Ventoux.

➤ Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd ■ Minimum temperature: -1 to -5°C in the morning on the plain, -9°C on the Albion plateau, -10°C on the summit of Ventoux.

■ Maximum temperatures: will be stable between 3 and 5°C in plains and -5°C and 0°C in terrains.

■ Chance of rain: 0%.

■ Confidence: 50%.

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