The two days at risk are this Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th January 14/01/2023

In the coming days, our country will be affected by a wide low pressure system. Therefore, numerous depressions will cross our country at the beginning of the week, and there will be a high risk of wind or even thunderstorms from Sunday night into Monday, and then during the day on Tuesday.. Update the latest forecasts.

Sunday into Monday night: first storm in northern half and Atlantic coast

The weather is set to deteriorate significantly across the country this weekend as a large low pressure system approaches northern Europe. However, depressions will descend more and more towards the southern regions and will further affect our country.

Rough weather conditions in France will be directly related to the weather the presence of a branch of the jet stream It will circulate over France (this is an atmospheric current at an altitude of 8 to 15 km, which takes the form of a particularly strong wind corridor that circulates from west to east, directing the prevailing winds and controlling our weather with a low-pressure rail). During this first part of the week, we will be under the influence of the dynamic arm of this Jet Stream, whose winds could exceed 200 km/h in the west and southwest of the country this Monday. height.

Jet Stream forecast at 300hPa (9200m altitude) – Monday morning, January 16, 2023 – GFS model via Météociel

The presence of the jet stream will therefore promote it a deepening depression from this sunday evening, will produce very strong winds during the next night. The trough will approach the English Channel before passing over the regions north of the Seine River, bringing strong and sometimes gusty winds to its south.

Forecast of the general situation – the night of January 15-16, 2023 – I met the office

Therefore, especially in the evening From Sunday night to Monday where he should observe a a noticeable strengthening of the wind, mainly in the northern half of the country. The North-West quarter of the country will be affected the most, the winds will exceed the limit 100-120 km/h on the coast (especially in showers), between the Gironde estuary and Normandy, via the Brittany coast. We will also watch for two narrow bands of very strong inland winds:

  • The first zone Center-West (Vendée to Poitou) Wind gusts could reach 100 km/h on isolated occasions late Sunday night and late Monday night.
  • Second field From the English Channel to the south of the Paris Basin clogging of the depression at the end of the night and on the passage of Monday morning. Winds can also approach or even reach 100 km/h inland.

Note that much of the terrain will be affected, especially by gusty winds at times Massif-Central, in Corsica, north of the Alps, Jura or Vosges.

Gale forecast – the night of January 15-16, 2023 – Air-Cities

Tuesday: Uncertainties about a potential storm in the Southwest

If this first depression is quickly evacuated by the Benelux in the second part of Monday, on the contrary, the agitation for all this will not end. On Tuesday, the Jet Stream will still be directed to our regions and will create conditions for the formation of a new depression..

Here, however, the uncertainty is higher certain models involve the excavation of a depression in southwestern France. This drill, still variable in volume, appears as noted on certain models and leaves the door open. risk of new storms.

Wind forecast for the morning of Tuesday 17 January 2023 – GEM (left) and ICON-EU (right) models – Meteoski

Currently still have That potential for a storm or even a storm is hard to pin down for today on Tuesday. In any case, the most targeted and monitored sectors are the southernmost regions and especiallyn large southwestern quarter of the country. Some reliefs can also be detected, especially in the Massif Central (Cévennes), Pré-Alpes d’Azur (Haut-Var, Alpes Maritimes) and south of the Corsican relief.

Gale is the sector at risk this Tuesday, January 17, 2023 – Air-Cities

This forecast will be updated on Sunday. In the meantime, you can follow the situation on our social networks (Twitter Weather-Cities) or through us National forecasts evaluated daily in Météo-Villes.

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