Do dogs cry in front of the TV?

First The Lion King, no one shed a tear when Mufasa died? What if dogs were susceptible to it too? This is what a video showing a dog moaning in front of a cartoon suggests. Ethology doctor Sara Jeanne deciphers the sequence.

30 Million Friends: Does the dog realize it’s an animal story?

Sarah Jeannine: It is difficult to answer this question. We can say that it notices that there are moving elements on the screen. He probably knows the behavior of cats if he has seen them before. He is primarily interested in movements and displacements, perhaps not distinguishing between different types, and could react in the same way to a robot.

30 MA: Do dogs see the world like we do?

SJ: You should know that dogs do not perceive their surroundings like we do. In terms of color, they have a spectrum ranging from gray blue to yellow. This means that they see the world with these nuances. So, for example, they don’t see red, whereas many dog ​​toys are that color. They also see less detail than we do. On the other hand, they are very sensitive to movement, so they can see a moving target even if it is a kilometer away.

30 MA: Can we tell the dog is sad in this video?

SJ: It is true that in this scene, the impression is that the dog is sad because it makes sounds similar to complaints and moans. We also see that at the end of the scene, when Simba lies between Mufasa’s paws, the dog does the same, as if in sync and empathy with the little cat. But in my opinion, the dog is not sad, but more interested in what is happening. He is extremely alert physically and cognitively. We see their muscles tensing, looking at the screen, and even their approach behavior. His voices convey a certain impatience and frustration because he can’t live up to what he sees on screen.

30 MA: Can a dog be affected by its owner’s emotions?

SJ: Indeed, there is an emotional contagion between humans and animals, especially between owners and their four-legged companions. If the master cried in front of this scene, it could also affect the dog. Not so here, as the owner filming the scene is laughing, but it might be other times.

30 MA: Disney humanizes its characters too much. Can it affect animals?

SJ: It’s true that Disney tends to humanize its animals. They use verbal language and show very human feelings. The dog may be sensitive to it because it comes to people often. Here I stick with the idea that the dog is primarily interested in what it sees, but that’s an assumption we can dig into.

30 MA: Is TV a good way to entertain a dog?

SJ: Previously, with large square TVs, dogs could not see what was happening on the screen. With new TVs today, we find some dogs are susceptible to this. This is also the case with cats. For some people, this is a good means of stimulation. If you are far away, for example, you can leave an animal show. However, some dogs may jump on the screen and knock over the TV. Take care of your pet and your furniture!

30 MA: Are animals more interested in animal shows?

SJ: I don’t think animals are more sensitive to it. I think they can be as interested and stimulated by a cartoon as a wildlife documentary, as long as there is action on screen. There hasn’t been any research on this yet, so I can’t be sure. But masters can experiment with it and see how their animals react.

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