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Jean-Pierre Dorian, editorial director of Sud Ouest, came to the Press Club on January 12 to present the extensive campaign that combines the efforts of all the Group’s media. With the main question: “Which southwest region do we want to leave to our children and future generations?” On January 14, Sud Ouest read more

Jean-Pierre Dorian, editorial director Southwest He arrived at the Press Club on January 12 to present the extensive campaign, which combines the efforts of all the media of the group. With the main question: What southwest region do we want to leave to our children and future generations? And on January 14 Southwest there is a green hood logo, the color of the transaction press

Given around the start Southwest diary, explains the director, et We publish a manifesto on Saturday (see below) summarizes all measures to be prepared. »

The operation will consist of three main axes: Limit the carbon impact of all our activities, go further by offering more editorial, video, audio and digital formats and engage in discussions and exchanges with the residents of our region by offering initiatives and concrete solutions at the local level. . »

Jean-Pierre Dorian recalls that “ new generations are more used to reading information through their mobile phones and therefore all media must be mobilized. »

A journalist will be trained in each department and will lead the operation.

In addition to the editorial part (Southwest and related headings), the scope will be ” expanded editorial ” : via Medialabwhich offers formats and also Southwest Publications, during the year, between June and September, will produce a small booklet of 38 pages per section. And with video Southwestrelated titles, TV7, Digivisionalso audio (SO&Co), events (West coast) and busy advertising (Southwest advertising, Elietta). The section has been active on the site since January 12 Southwest and other publishing sites.

A committee of experts will be mobilized for the preparation of the project Southwest answer readers’ questions. A special climate supplement will be published quarterly. The first one dedicated to water will be released on March 21. Major reports are planned on the problems of the mountains and the pollution caused by the influx of tourists who care less about both the climate and the environment. And readers will be drawn to associations and specific activities.

Long-term operation

But the people responsible for the operation also involve all the departments of the Group, taking into account the individual behavior: from personal use (with advanced equipment on bicycles and electric cars), to the company’s premises (the Brazza printing site has already taken measures that have saved 13. % of the energy bill).

And they are working on the problem of waste treatment and packaging. Printing houses have always had to pay attention to environmental protection and recycling. Old newspapers now allow insulation to be produced with local companies, while inks are the subject of research for alternatives.

To measure the success and effectiveness of our approach, Marketing Director Emeline Saez says. We will regularly review our commitments to the group’s activities and industrial activities with a carbon footprint. The project will be built with all employees and will be a suggestion box for the internal commitment of the newspaper.I. »

This corporate commitment is one of the great originalities of this campaign, and Jean-Pierre Dorian sums it up about its duration: ” This is not a project to be judged in a few weeks, the goal is clear: it is a matter of years to overcome.. »



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