Assizes de l’Aude: Family trio in box after 34-year-old Tunisian killed in Narbonne

The first 2023 session of the Aude Assize Court is due to be held from January 16 to February 1 at the Carcassonne court. Five criminal cases, including the three Aude cases at first instance, will be presented to a jury by lottery.

From Wednesday 16 January to Wednesday 1 February, the Court of Serious Crimes, chaired by Veronique Maugendre, will hold its first session of 2023 at the Carcassonne court. Aude’s famous jury will have to hear five criminal cases, two of which are on appeal, during the deliberations, which will continue for just over two weeks, during which witnesses and experts will follow each other.

Conspiracy and evidence extraction in the gypsy quarter of Narbonne

Monday 16:00 to Tuesday 18 Januaryprimarily composed of juveniles whom the court will meet for a case“conspiracy”, where the main defendant will be tried together with his father and especially the accomplice who possessed the murder weapon. All are from the Roma community. In this case, the facts coincided with Narbonne on July 19, 2019, only Abraham R. was placed in pre-trial detention in Perpignan on November 22, 2019. His wife, Nancy G., and father, Antoine R., have been taken into custody since that date. For this terrible case, which dates back more than three years, it is necessary to refer to Friday, July 19, 2019, in the Bourg area of ​​Narbonne.

We are right in the gypsy quarter, behind the hospital, and around 4 in the morning two shots were heard and alerted everyone. Abraham R. has just fired a rifle shot from a distance of nine meters, killing a 34-year-old Tunisian. When asked why he fired the second shot, the then 17-year-old accused said it was because he did not shoot. “I’m not sure he’s dead”. Antoine R., known as “Rocky”, who was aware of what was happening on La Parerie Street, then drove his son and his 10-year-old companion into his car, not forgetting to take back the murder. weapon. The escape of this family trio will last for about four months until this whole little world is finally arrested by the judicial police on the side of Perpignan, where they have taken refuge. In this first case, where motive is difficult to discern, the charges against the three defendants are cognizable.

Two charged after stabbing and hammering in Castelnaudary

From Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th January from 9am, jurors drawn by lot will hear the attempted murder case, where it is not yet known whether the victim will be present in court or even represented. According to our information, he has disappeared from circulation… Again, 23-year-old Abdelkarim Kebbati and 24-year-old Soufiane Boularouf will have to answer. “attempted murder” for one and “gun violence, incapacity for more than eight days” for the other. The alleged events took place in Castelnaudary between 29 and 31 May 2020 at around 2:50 a.m. Today in the evening, two accused persons were together in a street of Chaurian town and attacked a third person in the middle of the street in the context of alcoholism. Thus, the younger of the two stabbed the victim and injured his throat, while the second one hit him three times on the shoulder, ribs and head with a hammer. “My client denies that he was beaten with a hammer from the beginning. The marks of the hammer blows that the victim claims to have received are not confirmed by the pathologist”M showse Victor Font (Carcassonne Bar) should seek an acquittal in the interests of Soufiane Boularouf. M. will defend Abdelkarim Kebbatie Eric Mouton of the Toulouse bar.

A sexy woman died from the blows she received in the center of Narbonne

From 9 am on Thursday 26 to Monday 30 January, Enzo Da Mota and Jesus Kaba, both 19, will be on the docket to answer “robbery with violence resulting in death”. They were placed in the pre-trial detention center on May 27, 2109, and the next day they were forced to appear before the court for serious crimes. The facts take place on May 26, 2019 in Narbonne, around 5 am. According to the information we received, both accused had an argument with a 60-year-old man on the street and robbed him after hitting him several times. The sexagenarian, who was treated by emergency services but was seriously injured, would die in hospital later in the morning.

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