When an accident occurs in Senegal, “it is God who wills it (…)

Traveling by car in Senegal has become stressful. Users leave but do not know if they will return safely due to road accidents with many causes. While some have pointed to evil spirits on the roads and condemned the cursed pan concerts, others have pointed fingers at the rudeness of drivers, the greed of some transporters, and the slowness of the state in strictly enforcing traffic rules.

Regardless, most of the population agrees that accidents are largely due to driver behavior. (CGR) Consultants reviewed the latest data provided by the Ministry of Interior and the World Bank and presented an interesting infographic on road accidents in Senegal.

Road safety information

Some numbers jump out :

  • 80% of accidents are related to human behavior (lack of discipline, speeding, lack of sleep, alcohol and drugs).
  • 80% of very serious accidents happen between 11pm and 5am.

It peaks during religious ceremonies such as accidents Magal INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE INFORMATION REQUIRED

63% of the 29,000 accidents registered by state authorities in 2021 alone are traffic accidents. This means that the time has come for a radical paradigm shift to avoid giving any extenuating circumstances for road safety violations. It is in everyone’s interest that the road no longer kills.

Traffic accident
Traffic accident

After the tragedy that happened near the city of Kaffrin and resulted in the death of 40 people, there were waves of anger everywhere. Many say that these are temporary and that after a few days life will go on with its own course of events. The authorities, in turn, immediately announced a package of measures to combat road safety in less than 48 hours. What speed!!

Often when tragedy strikes, the authorities wake up to announce measures. It goes without saying that the admirable stage cars, we hope that this time will not give the announcement effect.



  • Since most of the accidents were registered at night, intercity public transport was banned from 11 pm to 5 am.

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, which determines the schedules of intercity circulation of passenger transport vehicles in general use
Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, which determines the schedules of intercity circulation of passenger transport vehicles in general use

  • The service life of passenger cars is now 10 years. In the case of goods vehicles, this is now set at 15 years.
  • The minimum age limit for obtaining a driver’s license for intra-city and inter-city passenger vehicles has been raised to at least 25 years. For intercity cargo transportation, this age is determined from 23 years.

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  • The government has also decided to ban the import of used or second-hand tyres. Imported tires are more than new tires in the market causing huge damage.
  • Technical inspection of passenger and cargo vehicles in Dakar is carried out free of charge.

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  • Technical control centers will be opened in the regions as soon as possible.
  • Meters of vehicles carrying people and goods will be stamped at a speed of 90 km/h.
  • Now it is forbidden to change public transport. In addition, it is not allowed to increase the number of seats or create additional luggage racks. Existing ones will be demolished.
  • The payment of fines and penalties for traffic violations will be de-documented and the responsibility for enforcement will be transferred to the Ministers of Finance, Armed Forces and Home Affairs.
  • In these events, the obligation to wear a helmet for motorcycle riders has been emphasized once again.
  • The return of the pounds was consecrated by the creation of a pound in each department.
  • The development of rest areas is planned at the entrance of major improvements to provide conditions for mandatory rest stops of users or carriers coming from long distances.

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