What movies should you watch as a family?

A taste for books, musical culture, knowledge of art… All this is also transmitted through the education of parents. Cinema is no exception to this rule. It is important to watch certain religious works with your child to become a real movie buff and perfect his general culture.

Too violent, too touching, too erotic, too disturbing… As parents, we sometimes have a hard time watching our children grow up and sometimes they don’t seem mature enough to watch certain movies. The age recommendation follows different criteria that remain quite flexible depending on each child. In Benshi Collective’s book The Best of Movies for Kids, we have some practical tips for determining if a movie is right for your child:

So duration will be an important factor. The ability to concentrate changes with age. Between the ages of 3 and 5, from about age 5 when they start to enjoy a longer film, we offer short films.

Generally, there is a certain age recommended for each job, but not always. The topics of bereavement and separation from parents can be especially difficult for a teenager who does not have the necessary perspective to deal with reality. However, cinema can be a good way to approach these more delicate subjects. Be nuanced according to your child’s emotional maturity.

To get the most out of a work, your child needs to be able to grasp the general meaning of it, even if certain nuances may escape him.

Misconceptions about movies to show to children

For each cinematic piece, your child can rate it or not. It may be that he doesn’t like it very much now, but he will like it later. Anyway, don’t leave some movies aside because you don’t like them or because of your plans for how your child will meet them.

Contrary to what you might think, children are not susceptible to old movies shot in black and white. We read in Benshin’s book: “Adults often have a prejudice against black-and-white films. We must not forget that the child has not seen anything yet, so there is incredible and open interest, everything can interest him.” Moreover, some of them have left their mark on the history of cinema, like the films of Charlie Chaplin, and it would be a shame to deprive them of that.

  • “Silent movie, my child won’t like it”

Another prejudice: it is impossible to watch a film without dialogue now. We can also mistakenly believe that silent films are the prerogative of the cinema of another time, but this is not true: for example, many more films dedicated to young children are made without dialogue. Without words being exchanged, these films also leave more room for children’s imagination and interpretation.

  • “This is not a children’s movie”

Many parents are the first they introduce their children to cinema with cartoons or films aimed at young audiences. But some classics are not only for children, but can also be presented to them. We should not neglect your children’s ability to understand and love them. Some directors are chosen because of the variety of reading levels their works offer, accessible to children as well as parents. This is the case with Jacques Demy or Jacques Tati or Pixar or Ghibli films.

Movies you should watch with your child before the age of 10

Now let’s get down to business: what movies should you watch as a family? Obviously, it’s up to you to let him know your tastes, and he’ll only be enriched by your attitude towards cinema. Some movies are still important, and Laurie Cholewa wanted to include them in her list of “100 Favorite Movies to See 10 Years Ago.” A gold mine to find inspiration backed by the insights of Child and Family psychologists. Here are a few films that caught our attention for their diversity and appeal beyond simple visual execution:

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